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Pretty stealthy under the stairs setup


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Hi fellow growers!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun :) The grow room is almost setup, so it is time to start documenting what I have done so far.

The area is in the basement, which has a pretty consistent temp of 65 F. The lack of humidity is always a problem here, so I will have to keep a close eye on that, and perhaps supplement with a bucket of water with a fan blowing on it, but I am not that far yet.

The former closet was a mess, so cleaning up is the first priority:


That old moving box dates me I guess :)

There is a hole on the other side of the closet that goes to the room where the furnace and the water heaters sit. I figure that I can pretty safely vent in there:



To this 6 inch vent hose I have added a lasco blower (see DYI project in signature) which is also attached to a 8"x24" carbon air scrubber:


I have scored some little racks from the second hand store for $5 total, and this is what the current setup looks like:


Tomorrow I will be planting my first grow from their current jiffy cubes into their first 20 ounce hempy cup, I will also have to get another roll of the shiny stuff, and hook up the 250 W HID light to the ceiling. I have placed a fan to the upper left of this picture. The fan is a 8" model that moves up and down for now, while drawing some air from the space between the floors.


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Thanks guys. I think that I will stick with a single 250W HID bulb for this grow. It should be alright, but if it is totally disappointing, then I will probably upgrade by either buying another 250W, or just do a single 600W ?

For now, I need sunglasses just to enter the room if I don't want to see stars for an hour after :)


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Explain how Major your light leak is around the door and you may have some great answers here. We have all had to deal with that. I have put sheets over the door on the inside, that reflects some light back (curtain, sheet, whatever). I have also used inulating foam around door to keep light IN as my under stair area was visible from the general living area. I had to put a lock on my door to make sure some curious little visitor just didn't open it at the unopportune time :)


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Looks like we kinda went the same route G-Dog. I have the good fortune that my 'under the stairs room' is in the basement, so there is less traffic. I then took the 1/2 foam strip and put it on the inside jam of the door, getting most of the light. There is just a little left on the lower left, under the door, but you have to look for it. Changed out the lock so that it doesn't match the rest of the house. You don't really hear it, there is no reason for kids to go visit that door, and now it does not have any obvious light anymore either. Worked out alright, I think.


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Forget a stack washer & dryer! I never saw this setup, but I have seen the washer/dryer in the same space. Holy crap if you live in an apt with the washer setup under stairs , scrap the washer and use that dryer vent for something better! all of a sudden the laundry mat is looking good!

Good luck bro!
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