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Pretty sure I have cannabis allergy!


So...after 3 plus decades of no weed I jumped right in and now one grow under my belt (approx. 1 lb dry weight ). I have gone by the initial sensitization ie: not being able to walk after a couple hits. So one of the worst things about cultivating is well err excesses! I am so into the culture and lifestyle I associate with cannabis, I have made lots of GD tinctures and when I began to experiment with coconut oil is when I was certain it is a cannabis allergy.

I began with a strange itch identical spot both sides of my ribs & I was wondering what was causing this as it is a new phenomenon for me. Sure enough MMJ allergies are beginning to rise apparently. I am really like WTF it's kind of a cruel joke w my allergies I suffered in my 20's from pollen etc. Most recently I began immunotherapy 2 years ago as other allergies were really killing me.

So when I began to imbibe again I had allergic reactions most times depending on whatever I could get, usually unknown strains. Now I get strain info from a med grower if I buy anything. However my first harvest was Sept - Oct as such personal use has gone up commensurately.

A quick scroll through the forums shows yes in fact plenty of evidence but no one posted any answers. If anyone else has this experience and some success with managing it please chime in!

I am in 50's again no cannabis since late 90's until maybe 18-24 months who counts?! Medical necessity as I am weaning down pain meds & do have legit pain 4 joint replacements to date. Think fingers are soon to follow, meaning they are swollen and painful now & have been hurting for several years.

Any allergy sufferers out there please reply my concern is ending up with that projectile vomiting weed disease. Really would prefer to manage symptoms, we are a Medical Legal State but I seriously wonder if there are antibodies yet available for immunotherapy

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I`m sorry to hear of your allergy. I don`t have one to cannabis, but will offer a suggestion as a way forward.

As you know, there are many compounds in cannabis. You may be able to eliminate the terpenes by decarboxylating in an oven. I put mine in the oven for 2hrs at 110°C (230°F). You`d need to check, but a higher temperature, or longer exposure should evaporate or destroy the terpenes. It would eliminate them as a cause of your allergy. Just an unproven suggestion as food for thought.


Thx Old Salt-

It is quite strange I began taking probiotics & could almost swear they help. Guess I may end up back for shots provided they can test me. I have considered mold also, I have all my own stash seed to cure. But I am toward the end of it, harvest late sept early Oct. As best I can tell humidity in jars was 55-65% burped for weeks, but when it got lower due to winter I steamed a bit still low RH in jars but who knows.

So I think mold possible but would think decarb would kill it, maybe I need to goolge mold...I also think as my first harvest was pretty incredible for me, as such I imbibed a bit more experimenting with edilble, tincture, oils infused or just chomp ABV with some PB or Olive oil. So AVB about 1.5 or 1.8 grams depending how dark and vaping sesh or two. I read what I assume are kids / young adults saying they use 2 grams for a buzz.

I could guarantee my initial sinus reactions were to mold spore on mystery weed. I am considering terpenes but I had reaction from even AVB that's been decarbed a bit more. I swear my last batches of drops I carbed out my THC. I also have quite a tolerance now.

I will post back any changes I notice & thank all for suggestions!
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I am torn between the packs vs vacuum pack & freeze user friendly qty 1/4 or 1/2 each. No mold then no worry I have read too concerning. I just cracked frozen goodness from October it's not pretty but seems more potent than my ball jars!

If my buzz lasts more than an hour I consider it 100% scientific OK anecdotal proof. I swear I would get my month supply and have less effect before stocking up. Every fresh batch seems stronger to me.

But I will experiment with packs for fresh and defrosted stash in the future no doubt.


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My friend told me something once, i was complaining that every time is smoke most kinds of pot i get a really runny nose. he explained that pot can affect histamine in a person. I also sometimes ( but only when i'm tired and trying to sleep ) get really itchy but it's in small ( feels like pin size ) areas and as soon as i scratch another spot gets itchy lol. this only happens rarely. I blame it on the pot messing with my histamine levels, even though i really know jack about it LMAO..

I don't know if this relates at all to your allergy but it's my only experience with pot and allergies. I hope you can one day smoke without any ill effects.


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