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Preventive pest control question


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Hey what's up FAM
I moved my grow op. Outdoors. Been a week outside and she's loving it , at least that's the feeling I get.
Trying to beam as much positive energy Into her and her surroundings.
So I have her set up pretty high,as we have rabbits , squirrel,bear,and every other critter you can think of in southern FL.
I am going to build a small greenhouse soon, and will def photo doc.
My question is would d.e be an ok thing to lightly sprinkle onto the soil of the pot, bc I know aphids nest in the soil?
Also the whole surrounding area around my grow sight.
Is this a good preventive deterrent for any would be bugs / pest and is it safe for the plant?

Thanks and stay out


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Yes, d.e is good at preventing pests, but also is a very good source of silica, so promotes strong cell structure too.
Also, look into a neem oil based spray, once a week or so on the leaves in veg, it will deter anything munching on your plant.

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You can get Repels-All at most Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot for the bigger critters. There’s also predator urine you can buy at hunting outfitters, along with drip wicks, that work well but not all that fun to set up or refill.
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