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Prime Example of How Prohibition Fails!


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Hey everyone,
Thought I'd share something interesting. Through the years of using cannabis during this prohibition, I have met lots of people that I can probably safely say that I wouldnt normally have met or even associated with. That being said, a lot of "connects" have suprised me, both in generousity and with greed. I'm getting off the point, that really doesnt matter, im basically just saying that, when I pre-judge ppl I'm always wrong.
Bout 6 months ago, met a new connect (herb only, i should clarify). has best stuff around, no question. been very loyal to them. Just recently got a text asking if we wanted any hard or soft. I'm not a holy than thou type, i dont think. But I was kinda offended, I personally dont think cannabis and cr@ck go hand and hand at all. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed like they were fishing for something. It makes me wonder how many ppl give up all the other shit just to smoke their cannabis, only to fall into a situation like this one, and eventually relapse. I'm not speaking for myself, I fing hate all that shit, lucky i guess. But seriously makes me wonder, and really makes me mad and blame this on prohibition. Thanks for listening to my rant.

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