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Probation Drug Test


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Ok Here's my Situation... I'm 5'8" - 200 lbs.
I've been smoking every day ( one and/or two bowls per night, about 5 bowls on Saturday and Sundays ) for the last 10 years.

I just started probation and got a 30 day stay on any drug tests...

For the last month I've been clean (except I smoked 1 bowl per night a week ago) as of today I'm 5 days clean and I have about 35 Days before my first drug test (if it happens, it's not for sure, random)

I want to do this naturally (I've used Quickfix Plus before for employment and it works great but i can't risk this one as they're standing behind me)

How can I pass this test naturally?
I'm thinking of running 1 mile per night and drinking about a 2 liter of water per day. Will this be enough to be clean for the test in about 35 days?

1 month clean
smoked a bowl per night for 5 days
5 days clean now and test in 35 days

Freaking out.... lol


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You'll be fine. Just use dilution the morning of the test.
You might not pop clean if you don't, ask for a GC/MS confirmation test, you'll probably be forced to pay for it.
Never sub for a court ordered test, not worth the risks of getting an immediate felony.
With dilution though I would expect you to pass.
Drink 36 ounces of gatorade the morning of the test
Pee 3 or 4 times before the test
When taking the test
Pee a little in the toilet first
Pee 2 ounces in the collection cup
Pee the rest in the toilet.


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So check this out! I still have about 3 weeks left but I tried two tests (I had my wife try a 3rd one because she still smokes and her came back positive so i know they work)

This means I'm good to go right?



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It means you're good to go on that day but that might change tomorrow. THC levels can fluctuate in the body. Thats why its always important to use dilution the morning of the test. But you're going to be good for sure.
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