Problem is still going on after neem oil


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Hey there. Couple of days ago I opened an another thread about this problem. After it I cleaned my tent and applied neem oil to the leaves but problem is still exist and it spreading. Can anyone tell me what's the problem with my baby? Thanks a lot!

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Did you ever figure out if it was mites or what the pests were? I like to snip a leaf and get zoomed up on the backside to see if mites or eggs, helps to know exactly what you are battling with for sure. Do you see mites crawling on bucket edges or on top of soil? Anything stuck to stalks & stems or flying over canopy? These buggers are tiny or camouflaged so yeah, GOT LOUPE?? or download magnifyer app?

There are others here much better than I at pest control but from my experience you don’t get them all at once. Part has to do with how you spray and how often you spray..... you need fine spray mist, mixed well shaken thoroughly and all that crap - elevate the plant up high so you can see up under her skirt, spray leaf undersides first - this is where mites or most critter eggs are attached, then next spray stems and stalks, spray container sides plus the rims and edges too, last move plant to the floor and spray from top down, spray top of soil. Spray some in a cup and gargle with it... (kidding)

we spray undersides first because later the leaves will be drooping down from the heavy wet Neem coated leaves

dont put her back under lights until the foliage is dry - may want to add light fan to help move air for drying, to break their life cycle repeat spray every 3 days for 2 weeks... then you can go to maintenance spray every 5 days or so.
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Hey guys thanks for the replys!

Last time I did sprey I think I didn't do it quite well. It's been four days now since I use neem oil so I'm gonna apply today again. My hand is a little bit scared because of the first time growing. That might why the problem still ongoing. I will make sure do better this time. I'll share the results in a few days.


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If it is PM then you'll probably want to spray with citric acid. I think the idea is that lowering the pH level at the leaf surface makes it harder for the powdery mildew to spread. When I had it in the summer I was a few days away from harvest so I didn't battle it at all, I kind of just waited it out and did a bud wash with peroxide at the end. If you're early enough into the cycle though then I'd try to get rid of it. I think @InTheShed does the citric acid thing You can grab a big bag of the stuff on amazon.


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Thanks for the shout Regrowth! I have found that neem oil is a much more temporary fix than citric acid, which I now use after trying a lot of other things.

My recipe is:
500ml distilled water
5g food grade citric acid
4-8 pipette drops of dish soap
Shake well to mix.
(Scale up or down as needed)

I spray everything tops and bottoms and stems.

Since you can't find the source I'd go with every 3 or 4 days, and it's safe for plants in flower.

Turn the fans off for an hour to let the stuff work before it evaporates.

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