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problem with 1 of my babies


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She is a skunk #1 plant
She is 5 wks old
Soil/perlite mix
Under 400 watt hps
When I started out on this project 5 wks ago today,my lady in question sprouted as a twin!that's right a twin,I had 2 sprouts up out the soil in the same pot after 2 days,didn't do the paper towel method,soaked seeds over-night and put them straight into soil so I guess there not quite 5 wks old.
When I transplanted them about 2 wks later,I chopped the weaker of the 2 twins just above the soil. Was going to try and seperate them at the roots but fear of killing both was heavy on my mind. I'm not using nutes right now as the soil has enough to last them 4-5 wks.I'm starting them this week on half strength to see how they cope. But anyways,the remaing twin is looking rather poorly,looks like its lacking in Something compared to the rest.I'm guessing that maybe because there is twice as much roots in there,its used up more nutes than the other 3? Thanks in advance peeps


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Wow that looks incredibly lush!:goodjob:
Best place to start would be checking your ph levels. You would then be able to tell if you've got a nutrient lockout which leads to a deficiency. I'm not very experienced (on my first grow) but hear all the time that ph imbalance is often where the problem starts. You want your water ph and soil ph to be between 6 and 7 with 6.5 probably being best. Like I said not very experienced just adding my 2 cents :3:
Some yellowing on lower leaves is also quite normal apparently but check ph rather:goodluck:


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As I'm using the same water for all 4 plants,wouldn't the rest be looking the same if it was a ph problem? I'm very unsure as this is my 1st grow aswell. I've been looking around and think possibly its a nitrogen deficeny? Unsure at the moment.might try adding some biobizz nutes to here later on today when there awake.


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Gave my babies a small amount of nutes tonight(Sunday),2.5 ml into 1 litre of water then another litre of just plain water between the 4 of them. I will keep a close eye on them over the next few days,hopefully they will be fine. Here are a few pics from tonight.
Peace out


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Am going for 50 days veg and possibly 50 days flower.probably run out of space but its my first time,this one is the learning curve. Still no great signal of improvement fro my neon looking plant,I think there's Something else going on with her? Thinking of pulling her out soon and just make more room for the 3 I have that's doing really well. Will make up my mind later in the week


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You can flip to 12/12 any time, even from seedling but the plant will not start flowering until it is mature which typically takes about a month. Once the plant starts flowering you have no control over the flowering phase, it is determined by the plant strain and will typically take 60-90 days depending upon the strain. Autos are a different story as they do not require a lighting schedule and will just flower automatically when they are ready no matter what you do with the lights.
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