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Problem with leaves turning brown


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same with every strain
flower stage
ebb & gro
1000 hps
advanced nutrients
hydro corn
room temp-78-80
solution temp-67

4 weeks in and leaves are turning a rust color and curling upwards. this isn't happening in veg. only when I transfer into bud room.
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Fuzzy Duck

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More likely just old P - phosphorus def which is pretty common in early to mid flowering... or a touch of k - potassium if speckled brown spots with brown curling tips with yellowing of leaf.

By the looks of things PPM - 1000 is a bit low hence nutrient def is occurring i'd bump it up to 1200 / 1400 PPM to prevent further issue's :thumb:


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OK..... I've had it as high as 1800 with same results. Thnx for input I will look into phosphorus deficiency though....

Fuzzy Duck

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OK..... I've had it as high as 1800 with same results. Thanks for input I will look into phosphorus deficiency though....

Cheers for adding some pic's makes life a little easy now... well the first pic is not the straight old forwards P-phosphorus def i thought it was, always a bit hard to tell from words :peace:

Resembles Ca - calcium def with a touch of nutrient burn that may of occurred around around 1800 PPM tho ? may also suggest you are using soft or R/O water & that Ca/Mg supplement might be needed.

Once a deficiency has effected a leaf or leafs they do not get better or go back to being leafy green Full Stop !

The only true way of knowing if you have stopped the progression of a deficiency is that other leafs do not get effected so close observation & monitoringvis required .


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sorry about the pics. I am a newb here and I thought I had the pics in from the beginning. I must not have done something right. I am using recycled water from my high efficiency furnace.. using same water for veg with no prob. I've ben trying to figure this out for quite some time. I have played with the ppm from as little as 800 to as high as 1800 with same results. is it possibly a burn from hps? I was wondering if going from a led veg to hps might do it. I just put some in the bud room again so I will monitor them and see if a ca/mg supplement makes a diff. once again I appreciate your input. thnx again.

Fuzzy Duck

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1. Whats the PH value of the recycled water from the furnace ?

I suspect its acidic... just a gut feeling ?

They is some difference in water sources from soft/hard/RO/rain etc to what minerals they contain, PH & even PPM of the ambient source.

Even tho you have played around with PPM with little prevail it would suggest a nutrient is missing to some degree, not all nutrient companys put every nutrient in their bottles of grow 'n' bloom whilst others will have soft/hard water formulated nutrients.

Always a good idea to back grow/bloom nutrients up with a micro nutrient supplement, if water source is soft/rain/RO i'd back it up with a Ca/Mg supplement.

P.s its not light burn... that is normally associated to a localized hot spot forming due to reflector design, don't get that confused with heat stress either !
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