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Problem with yellowing / browning :(


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first off Iam new here hello everyone :p.

Ok to my problem, I have one small plant into composana 50% light soil (I think its a German product so maybe you dont know it, on their site it states that it has a PH of 5.5 because usually we have water that is over 7 BUT the tap water where the plant now is at 6.5).

First of the growing phase went pretty good (plant was at my home but dont know the PH right now of my water), I always put the plant into a bigger pot after I saw a leaf yellowing and I always mixed the fertilized soil with non fertilized soil around 70/30 and the seedling was just in non fertilized soil for 2 weeks. Well that worked out very good but after 2 weeks into flowering a leaf started to get a lil yellow (here I only used the fertilized soil) so I started to put into the water hesi bloom complex 2ml / 800ml water (on the bottle it states around 5ml on 1L of water so I used much less). The problem didnt get any better so I upped it to 3ml but the top of the leaf turned into brown .

I watered about 800ml water into a 11l pot each 4 days and each 2nd time I used fertilizer. There is one thing that changed from the growing phase to flowering and that is the location of the plant. I moved the plant to someone elses house where the PH of the water is 6.5, I will be there today and want to test the runoff water to see if its maybe too acid (because the soil as stated on their homepage is around ~5.5). If thats the case how do I correct it with lime ?

I never found an answer to it in the internet, it always just states "use lime". OK but how ? Do I use it then every watering ? Or do I use water with lime and flush the soil until the runoff is fine ?

Well anyways here are the pics.


One thing to note, I put the plant from a small pot into the 11L pot right before flowering and after 2 weeks already 1 leaf started to get a lil yellow. But on the soil it states that there is enough fertilizer in it for 12 weeks, at least it should have enough nutrients for a month IMO. So Iam starting to think this is a lockout because of PH. I can test it today because I will visit the one where the plant stands now and will post the results later.

Thanks in advance.
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