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Problem - Yellow spots, leaves turning yellow and falling off


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I have a problem with my outdoor grow (strains are Himalayan Gold and Vanilla Kush). The plants started to get yellow spots and many leaves have fallen off (all plant's have this). There was alot of rain and very unsteady weather during summer, so i was thinking it was a nute's related problem.

Can anyone point me into the right direction?


P.s. I'm thinking it's a calcium deficit...any thoughts?


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Re: Problem - Yellow spots , leaves turning yellow and falling off

Hey Chuxsta. I tried to leave a visitor message, but I haven't posted 25 posts, so I can't do that. Figured I'd PM you instead, but you need 50 posts to do that. Fucking ridiculous, now I remember why I use the other sites more. Anyway....

I was wondering if you solved your yellow spot issue? I've got VK, and it's the same thing. Only have it on the VK, only on the bottom leaves, not on my Cali Hash or Critical +, so I was thinking it must be a deficiency that is common with the strain. Just recently heard rust, but looking over other common illustrations of rust, I just don't think it is. Please, let me know what you ended up identifying it as, and what you did to deal with it.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Once I figure out how to post a pic, I'll do so.

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