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i have jsut started to plant my seeds, im wonderign what they wiill lookl ike? what they need? and anything else ,i ddi this about 2 weeks ago and little plant have just come out, but i dont no if they MJ plants,plz help
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yeah sorry about how that post bring all fucked up i was stoned when i wrote it.

yeah accouple of things i forgot to mention is that im growing my naturealy in the bush near me (i live in australia, and it is summer now), so that is y im not sure if weed plant because a random seed from another plant could of landed in my patch.

yeah they r mary jane seeds that i planted, 3 of them has sprouted and are about 1 inch talk with the first sprouter have four leaves two looking like normal round plant leave the other to look like MJ leave but elongated.

so yeha that is all i can remember about them now and how long till they bud, 1, 2 , 3 months

yeah i have plant about 40 - 50 seeds so i no only about 3 - 5 with grow but i just wanna make sure i get the most possible ammount to grow.

thanks mate

ps thanks for the happy help :p
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yeah ill have to go get sum pics and ill show u what they look like so far.

normally if i left then in the open sun they would burn caz right now the coolest it gets is about 79 in farhinet, and on wensenday (which will be your tuesday, im guess u live USA) will be 37 witch is 100 farhinet for you guys. so caz of this i plant then in bush in a middle of an open area so they only really get sun for about 4 5 6 7 8 hours or so but its goooood sun. thier are 5 of us all in the growing and our mates do no but they dont where it is our what bush its in, and its 100 meters in thick bush (which is very hard and a trech to get to) from the trail so no one will fine it.

thxs for the help and ill get sum pics and contiune to infore you of the growth of them.

and tomoro i will be plant another 50 or so seeds next to the same spot so happy times to come.

ave a fun white chirstmas dude thxs.