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Problems: overwatered? nute deficiency? burn? something else?


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the plants are two weeks old cut from a healthy mom.

2 Plants
1000w HPS air cooled at 24/0 approx two feet distance
80/20 coco/perlite
Canna A, B at 1 tsp/gal Rhyzotonic, at 2 tsp/gal, Enzyme at 2 tsp/gal pH 5.8
Superthrive 1/4 tsp/gal
80 degrees F constant
RH 60%
watering as needed (when coco is slightly moist)

symptoms: slight leaf cupping, leaf tip yellow, leaf yellowing, droopy, wilting.

plants were fine. noticed light yellowing of leaves and tips a few days ago. assumed slight nute deficiency. up'd the A and B to 1.5 tsp/gal four days ago. yesterday this plant (see pics below) started looking wilted and droopy. assumed over water. was due for watering yesterday, but waited a day. no change. watered 8 hours ago. no change. the other plant (not pictured) was super healthy looking and thriving until today. today she is looking wilted but not droopy assuming underwater/starving.

what do you guys think?



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a lot of coco there... use the cal/mag much? other than that-- N deficient? next feeding I would use a balanced vegetative formula & maybe some rock dust for some minerals-- r u running a drain to waist op? I would think your pots don't hold much of what you put in it @80% coco & 20%perlite... prolly why they look starved & the coco looks WAY dry...
IMHO 1000w @ 2'= TOO CLOSE for young ones...leaves look slightly burnt-- in comparison, my 300w LED panel hangs 2' above the canopy...


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thanks for the response. i drain to waste. i moved the light an additional foot away from the tops. while looking at images online its hard to determine which symptoms are what as some look very similar. looks like calmg def, but also heat stress and also overfert. i flushed last night and raised the light. so far they look the same. today i may apply a very light foliar spray of whichever canna contains the calmg.
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