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Problems w/ bagseed?


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i've got a nice new little operation going. think i've got every thing right: temp, humid, co2, light, air, etc. but the girls seem to be growing very slowly. ok, i don't even know if they're girls, yet. they range from 1 to 4 inches tall and look healthy. but theyr'e almost two months old. i've got the third set of leaves, and only a little bit of yellowing on 2 out of 7 plants. am i missing something, impatient, or just used crappy seeds ? help, please.......cuzican


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thanks for showing interest in my problems, guys. i'm glad i found this place.
i have 4, 20 watt cfl's, tommorow will add 2 to 4 more. been running 24 hours. soon i will get some 225 led red/blue panels, i can fit 2 of them in one shelf.
i'm using average potting soil, that is new. recently started feeding light doses of miracle-gro. my water is a little hard, so i let it 'air' for a day before using.
here might be the problem: my room is in an unheated garage. it's winter here and was only keeping the room @ 50 F, to keep the bathroom, water heater, etc. from freezing. the lights in the cabinet, and the heat pad under them were keeping it @70 f., 30-50 % humid. i thought this was all good....but i was missing the fresh air, wasn't i ? now i've got the cabinet doors open, a fan blowing lightly into it, and the room heated to 70 F, plants at about 72 F.
to be a proper cabinet, i think i need intake and exhaust fans, right ? do the 4" ones for electronics work ok ?
how am i doing ?


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With your temps higher, you will notice an improvement in growth. The LED's sound interesting. I did an article on the LED a few weeks ago. Can you post some pics when you get the light bank.
I will follow this grow for sure. +10 reps for luck matey


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thanks, moose
i turned the temp up to 75.
the fan was drying things out quickly, so i turned up the heating pad, put some water in the pan under the pots and blocked up the pots, so they're not sitting in the water. i now have a controllable humidity source : a constant 55 %.
i think the led's will be great, if what i read is true they have lots of advantages: little power, no heat, long life, more usable spectrum.
as soon as i get a camera, i'll post some pics.

love and buds to all:51:


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By any chance, are your pots clear? :hmmmm:
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