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Problems with my plant


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Firstly, I'm not sure where to ask this, so move it to wherever you please if need be.

This is my first grow, I'm using t5 fluorescent lights, giving me 350 watts of light, I have a feminized barneys farm blue cheese plant growing in a, not sure of size, but roughly 8 gallon "tub" with holes drilled in the bottom.
For ferts I've used some fish blood and bone meal, I've heard mixed reviews about it, but it's balanced and as far as I'm aware organic but anyway, I've had a persistant issue with what looks like various defficiencies occouring under the bulk of the plant, or canopy if you like, its not affecting a significant portion of the plant but would love some opinions, I'll stick some photos up in a minute, cheers:)


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I moved your question to FAQ's. You will get more member exposure here to answer your questions.


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We would need pictures of the entire plant to know more. Also what stage of the plants life is it in?, I assume its soil not hydro. Flower or veg?

If its only effecting a small, lower portion of the plant I would not be worried. As plants flower, their lower older leaves often turn yellow and die, but usually not necrotic..

If it has you worried you can flush with distilled water on the next watering.

Also here is a link that may help 420 Magazine ®


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Here's the whole plant, the rest looks ok,

And it's in the first two days of flowering with 12/12 light cycle, still not changed the colour though?


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I wouldn't use bonemeal it's a very slow release for indoor use so by the time it would be effective ure most likely chopping it down. But that just my two pence :)


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Hmm, I see your point, tbh I didn't want to use any of that at all, I feel like an awful vegetarian, what do you think I should use instead? I'm in the uk, so fox farms and most of the other stuff I seem to read about would be ridiculously obscure
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