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This is my first grow. If you have any suggestions after looking at my pics that would be cool! There are 5 LOJ (light of jah) Plants growing in super soil w/ my own secret mix. I also set up a sick auto watering system. Check out the pics!... I also have taken a picture of the grow everyday, they are currently 57 days old. There is also a link to that hyper lapse of the room. Any Ideas For Improvement?

-Super Soil Mix, + Organic Soil
-600w MH & HPS Light
-Five Gallon Bucket
-Auto Drip System w. 40 HPS Water Pump
-5 LOJ (Light Of Jah) Seeds
-Plastic Wrap
-Cardboard (Crude I know)
-25ft. Roll Mylar
-Two Fans
-1 Gal. of Water a Day at 6AM EVERY day + a strict schedule for fertilizer and additives for each day. W/ 2 days in the week of strait mineral water drench.
-Personal Concoction of Additives + Fertilizer (ALL ORGANIC ALWAYS)
-Two Timers One Separate From MAIN Timer (Lights, Fan, Humidifyer) The Other For Water Pump. Timer has more specific programable times to water, up to 10 diff programable on and off times. (Very Cool)
As Far As Fertilizer I Will Disclose That I Use:
-1 main fertilizer for Veg. And Flower Stages. (Organic)
-3 Different Flower Bloom Enhancers (Organic)
-2 Different Additives: Both For Different Purposes
-Fresh Room Temp Rural Mountain Mineral Water (The Best)
And Thats About It:

Day 1

Day 5

Day 8

Day 12

Day 18

Day 24

Day 29

Day 31 (First day on 12/12)

Day 36

Day 39

Day 44

Day 48

Day 56

Day 58

Day 58 (Up Close of Buds)
I don't know much. Like I said this is my first grow. I am an avid sports enthusiast, so I like an active high and my research lead me to this. And it's one of the highest yielding cannabis plants!

When I got the seeds it warned me it was a moderate/expert grow difficulty. I have run into no problems. Knock on wood.


Strain Type: Sativa (Indoor)
Sensory Experience: Mind expanding, uplifting, spiritual
Taste/Smell: sweet, astringent, pine

The result of exhaustive crossbreeding and recrossing,
this strain is the culmination of years of genetic honing.Light of Jah is the last, and allegedly best, version of Jack Herer. Jack Herer, originally bred to provide all the
uplifting magic of the Haze without the painful 6 month
flowering time, is a cross of the Haze and Red Skunk.
Light of Jah is the same, crossed and recrossed to produce
a highly potent, high yielding, delicious plant.Fresh, grassy, with hints of pepper and spice, Light
smells like a field right after rain and tastes the same,
with the spice coming through more strongly in the smoke.
A very uplifting high, Light of Jah is cerebral without being
too intense, a great sativa high that can cause chronic
smiling and playfullness.
Thanks man. honestly just needs lots of attn. lucky its a fun hobby haha. Always had a green thumb, just thought I should try this and spread some good stuff to the people haha.

Its fun because I have no idea what to expect the next day. I cannot tell you how much sleep I've lost in the past 60 days.
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

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