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So it's day 31 of my first grow, I've been dealing with a couple of possible nutrient deficiencies but so far things don't seem to have become any worse in the past 3 days other than a possible nute burn. I'm just looking for a bit of feedback from you experienced growers out there on how my plants are looking for their age, any feedback will be much appreciated!:ganjamon:

This is a breakdown of the setup:
Strain - Unknown (Random seeds from a banky)
# of Plants - 3
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Lights - 250W Metal Halide
Nutrients - SeaGro Organic Plant Food
Medium - Roughly 35% Worm castings 35% Potting soil 25% Perlite
PH - 6.5 (plant on top right), 7 (for the other 2)
Room Temperature - 68 to 78
Room Square Footage - 2'x 2'x 4' = 16
Pests - None Known


This one has been looking rather droopy for quite some time. My first plant to show signs of a deficiency. I also thought that I had possibly over-watered however today is day 3 since I last watered and haven't seen any signs of the 'droopyness' leaving. I did not stop foliar feeding during this time. Soil ph was 7 when I checked the run off from the last watering. All opinions welcome!

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the one on the right and the one at the bottom definately have some nute burn ,back the dose off a bit .:)
maybe try a different fertiliser??


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You're causing imabalance by pushing nutes when they don't need them. Just go back to H2O and monitor things.


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Yeah man :Hookah:
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