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Progressive Control Measures for Spider Mites

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Exerpted from Jorge Cervantes' Marijuana Horticulture - Medical Growers Bible

1.) Cleanliness - Clean the room daily, disinfect tools, do not introduce new pests into the garden on clothes, no animal visits, etc.

2.) Create a Hostile Environment - Humidity, temperature, water spray

3.) Create Barriers - smear Tanglefoot around pot rims, stems, and drying lines

4.) Dip Cuttings and Vegetative Plants - Dip small plants in pyrethrum, horticultural oil, Neem oil.

5.) Remove Damaged Foliage - Remove foliage more than 50% damaged

6.) Introduce Predatory Mites - Release predators before infestations grow out of hand.

7.) Spray - apply Pyrethrum or Neem Oil; use strong miticides only if necessary. Rotate sprays so mites do not develop immunity.
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