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'Project' Plants Really Just Pot

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A Fort Wayne mother was surprised when city police told her the plants she was helping her teenage son transport were marijuana. The woman told officers her son told her the plants were part of a school project, a police report said.

Officers made the discovery while on patrol in the area of Warsaw and Eckart streets at 4:20 p.m. Thursday when they saw a boy taking two potted plants out of the trunk of a parked car.

The officers recognized the plants as marijuana and stopped their patrol car. When they began to get out of their cruiser, the boy "looked scared," pulled one of the plants out of its pot and started tearing it up, police said.

The officers handcuffed the boy and spoke to the female driver, who told police she was helping her son take the plants to a friend's house and that she did not know the plants were marijuana, police said. She also told the officers the boy had one more plant in the basement of their home, the report said.

Police drove the teen back to his Oliver Street home where his mother consented to a search and officers found a larger pot plant, the report said.
The teen was taken to the Allen County Juvenile Center, police said.

Source: The Journal Gazette
Copyright: 2008, The Journal Gazette, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Contact: Abby Slutsky
Website: 'Project' plants really just pot | The Journal Gazette


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damn i knew a chik who convinced her mom that her pot plant wasnt pot so her mom took care of the plant whenever she wasnt home and even would go to the school and take her out of class to tell her how much it had grown my god that chik had sum of the best green ive have ever had even to this day it was like pure white and made me retarded, a few insane rips from a massive gravity bong i had made and i saw everything like mariokart when u got the star and everything flashed ranbow colors sucha good high
ps. i dont know how her mom was that retarded but she genuinly didnt no they were pot plants i have no clue wat her mom did but she grew one hell of a potent hearty plant


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i saw everything like mariokart when u got the star and everything flashed ranbow colors sucha good high

hahaha that cracked me up:cool027:
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