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The fantastic Prolific Coast Seeds are back on stock again @ Prolific Coast - order regular weed seeds at Cannapot

Prolific Coast Seeds is a project by the well known breeder 'Koma the Grower', he offers regular marijuana seeds that provide incredible plants of best quality possible...let me introduce you the four strains we have on stock, each one is incredible!

Cake Bomb regular cannabis seeds: incredible great cross of the famous Do-Si-Dos with the PCS1 (PCS1 = Wifi#3 x Scotts OG x Casper OG), a very easy strain with an amazing and great flavour reminding on gasoline and Dosidos...

Honey Trees seeds: cross of Ghost Trees (OGKB x Casper OG) and PCS1, a superb hybrid with an amazing flavour and quality. You can grow these regular seeds in your indoor and you outdoor garden without any trouble!

Ksmorz marijuana seeds: a blend of Zookies (that itself is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Animal Cookies S1) and the PCS 1 (Wifi#3 x Scotts OG x Casper OG) that offers an amazing strong smell of best quality. These regular weed seeds can be grown without problems.

Meow by Prolific Coast: Meow offers an incredible terpene-profile of highest order: it is an extremely gassy profile with a very chemical undertone. This marijuana strain is the result of crossing the Raw (Fire x Scott’s OG) and the PCS1 [that itself is a hybrid of Wifi #3 x (Scott OG x Casper OG], an amazing strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors...

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