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Promising Pill Could Be Weight Loss Breakthrough


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Millions of Americans want to lose weight, but many can't afford the pills or programs designed to help.

A clinical trial at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas could make weight loss affordable for the lucky few chosen to be participants in the study of a new pill.

The unnamed drug works on the portion of the brain that causes the urge to snack. That sector of the brain is unofficially called the "marijuana receptor." It's responsible for the same uncontrollable munchies caused by smoking pot.

Turning off this marijuana receptor makes perfect sense to weight loss researchers.

"It's just the idea that marijuana stimulates appetite, and it does so by stimulating the appetite center," explained Baylor weight loss researcher Dr. Priscilla Hollander. "The idea is: Can you develop a drug that will block these appetite centers?"

Current FDA-approved diet drugs on the market are only marginally successful, and work on different parts of the body–with different effects.

Orlistat, Meridia, and Phentermine all only help dieters lose about five percent of their body weight.

Early research shows this new, experimental drug could help people drop at least ten percent.

It's important to note that there are no guarantees in a clinical trial, and that and some who take part in the study might receive a placebo.

Regardless of whether participants get the real diet pill or the fake one, everyone in the trial will get a year's worth of free diet and nutritional counseling.

"It's a good bargain," said Dr. Hollander, who knows the counseling itself is worth hundreds of dollars. She's looking for at least 100 volunteers to give it a try.

Nicole Slaughter really wants to be one of them, even if she gets the placebo. "I hope it'll give me the boost that I need, so I can keep trying to lose weight."

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I found running out of Marijuana did the trick for me did not feel like eating for 3 days:laugh2:

I smoke it neat so no cravings like when you give up normal Cigs...

But soon fixed the problem and started to eat again:rasta:

So heavey Pot smokers who want to lose weight could try
giving up the pot:11: :32:

Or just throw thierselves under a train:laugh2:
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