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Promotional Offers at Herbies - November 2015

Herbies Seeds

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Just to let you know of a few of our offers running at the moment at Herbies. You can find all our offers at ! Free Seeds - Herbies Seeds

Sweet Seeds - Free Auto Seed with every Sweet Seeds pack purchased.

Humboldt Seeds - 1 Free Chocolate Mint Fem with any 3 pack, 2 with any 5 pack, 3 with any 10 pack from the Humboldt range.

Seedism Seeds - 1 Free Seedism Cheese with any 5 pack of Seedism seeds

Connoisseur Genetics - 3 free Sour Diesel Haze Fems with any pack of Connoisseur Genetics seeds

DNA Genetics - 2 free RKS fems with any DNA Genetics/DNA Ltd/GYO collection or Reserva Prevada 6 pack

Black Skull Seeds - 1 Free Auto Diesel Matic with every 3 pack of Black Skull Seeds purchased

Top Tao - Free 5 pack of Sativa Samadhi with any Top Tao purchase

Heavyweight Seeds - 1 free Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto with any 5 pack, 2 free with any 10 pack of Heavyweight seeds purchased

Ministry of Cannabis - 1 x Big Bud XXL fem with every 5 pack of MOC seeds

Freedom of Seeds - 2 Free FOS Dieselicious Fems with any FOS Pack purchased

TH seeds - 2 free random seeds with any TH seeds 5 pack

Samsara Seeds - Free Supersonic Crystal Storm Auto with any pack of Samsara seeds

Big Head Seeds - 1 free Big Freeze Fem with any 5 pack, 2 free with any 10 pack of Big Head seeds

Philosopher Seeds - Get 1 free seed for each pack of 5 Philosopher Seeds purchased

Apothecary Genetics - Get 2 free Mixed Kush seeds with any 10 pack of Apothecary Genetics purchased

Eva Seeds - 1 Free with 3 pack, 2 free with 6 pack, 3 free with 9 packs purchased from the Eva Seeds collection.

Genehtik Seeds - 1 free Kritikal Bilbo Auto Seed with any Genehtik 5 pack or 2 for any 10 pack.


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Most definate, I am planning to order the sweet seeds auto mix because I am going to try some autos this summer. I hope they not to small and yield a good harvest.
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