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Proper dosing for ferret with Insulinoma: Need help


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Hey everyone! My apologies if this is not in the correct sub forum.

My good buddy Winston, my pet ferret was diagnosed last week with Insulinoma. It's a cancer that attacks the pancreas and causes the pancreas to release too much insulin. The opposite of diabetes if you will. There are only two options of treating this, which is 1. Surgery, where they will attempt to remove as much as the cancer as possible, which would be temporary relief until the cancer regrew itself. Or two, medication to suppress the insulin, which is not healthy for him at all and causes other issues. Not to mention some of the medication that is used to treat the insulin problem, actually can cause more cancer. So what a vicious cycle that is.

Anyways, Winston is not doing so well. He gets about 30-45 minutes of good activity through the day, but the remainder of the day he is sleeping and/or very lethargic. I get so sad looking at his little face, and him not being able to play. It breaks my heart.

When I brought him to the vet, I was right on the edge of putting him down. After about 30 minutes of sobbing to myself and petting him, I couldnt bring myself to do it, and decided I will go with the medication and try to give him the best quality of life I can until he either started having seizures or he just seemed to miserable to continue on.

After that I started seeing a lot of the RSO testimonals and continued reading and watching videos, I decided to make my own and give it to my little buddy.

I was able to get ahold of an ounce of good stuff but I do not know the strain. Any help in being able to identify it would be great! (I do partake).

I used Ricks method using 1/2oz, using Everclear, and everything seemed to go pretty well. I yielded about 1.5 grams that I was able to get into the syringe and about another 1/2 that is currently stuck to a spoon that I couldnt get into the syringe. I did a little taste test last night and I deffinetly got some euphoria by licking some that had gotten onto my fingers. It wasnt much, and it kicked in in about an hour or so. It was a pretty good high, as I could feel the pulsing waves in my forehead around the center of my brow. So I believe I got some good oil here.

My biggest concern is dosage obviously. He is very small. 1200 grams in weight. Right now I have full concentrate, but planned on diluting it with coconut oil and I was thinking of doing a ratio of 1/100, and using then using the other .5 grams to do a .5/25, which would give me a good ability to tweak dosages as needed between the two different saturations.

Now this isnt a plan based on much, I'm very concerned about the potency and how it will effect him, and thought a 1/100 mix would be a good starting point.

I then stumbled upon the thread above and everyone seems extremely helpful so I figured I would seek some assistance!

This is to save his life, hopefully, and if anything else, a test to see if this would help ferrets from around the world. Insulinoma is the 2nd leading cause of death in ferrets, and its tragic. If it doesnt have to happen, I want to stop it.

Thank you for reading! Any advice, input, ect, is MORE then appreciated!

You guys are great, and keep it up!


I have another vet visit tomorrow, we are probably going to have to up the doses of his current meds, because as I said, he is not in that great of shape. The sooner I can get him the right dosages/regiment the better I would feel. I am going to try and find a blood/glucose tester to use on him today. I know the values wont be accurate to what is currently in his blood, but the changes should show up on the meter none the less I would imagine. Just thought I would throw that in there.

Thanks again!

Renata lakatos

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How is your buddy doing?
My little friend have insulinoma too and would like to give her some cbd oil. Did that helped?
Thank you!

Virgin ground

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I don't think you'll get an answer from the poster. He hasn't been on the site since 2015.

I hope you can find help for your little friend. :love:
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