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Proper Grow Journal: Soma's NYCD


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Fellow travelers,

I have decided to start a proper grow journal from seedling to harvest for Soma's New York City Diesel. Following are particulars about the grow:

Temperature Average (Day): 80 Deg. F
Temperature Average (Night): Unknown
Relative Humidity: 22%
Light Schedule: 18/6
Type of Light: Metal Halide 400w
Type of Medium: Soil (mixture of Fox Farm's Ocean and Forest with Fox Farm's Light Warrior)
Air Intake: Water cooler, A/C-heat vent
Air Outtake: Carbon Filter/Can-Fan
Vegetating Nutrients: Soil Only
Flowering Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients Organic Line (Iguana Bloom as Base)

Pictures of seedlings uploaded and will be posted upon approval.

Cheers! :51:

EDIT: Pics!

Seedling #1 Day 5

Seedling #2 Day 5


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Ripmax, I have these two, yes. I also have three more seeds of the same strain germinating. They are in the adjacent container. I have also decided to try my hand at cloning for the first time. I am tired of growing from seed to harvest every time! I am looking into a humidity dome and Olivia's Rooting Solution. Ever heard of it? I've read good things about that product.

Medical Marijuana, glad to hear you will be joining me again! I have great respect for your growing skills, and I look forward to learning more from you along the way. Growing is such a great hobby!

I also have Greenhouse's Neville's Haze and some Columbian Red Haze seeds from the dopeseeds.com breeder. Anybody try growing these?
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Hello, mates!

This is an update for day 26 of vegetating. All three seedlings are coming on slowly. I would have expected heights of at least 6 inches in this time period. What could be the culprit? I have not been feeding any nutrients as I am growing in FFOF soil.

Seedling A:

Seedling B:

Seedlings B and C:

Seedling C:

Doob :51:
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Howdy, Boss! I have not measured the pH of the soil medium, but I make sure that my waterings are at 6.4ish pH. I may hit them with a veg nute soon. What do you think?


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You should water in whats called a wet/dry cycle. After you water, do not water again till the soil an inch below the surface is almost dry. Then water till you get some drainage out the bottom.

I would dilute the nutes as suggested, but only use a cup of the mix around the plants, then let the soil almost dry and do the whole watering with the mixure.
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Hello there, Berry!

Yes, patience is definitely the key. After letting my seedlings go through a proper wet/dry cycle, I gave them a moderate dose of organic fertilizer (Iguana Juice - Grow). They have grown so much faster over the past week compared to the past month of growing.

Pics will be up either tonight or tomorrow!


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Hey Guys, I had a similar problem with my first grow and decided to add a humidifier as my humidity was about 30%. Once I got humidity up around 65% I noticed that my plant was growing better. Berrydizzle, Boss, I have seen you two quite a bit on this site and respect both of your opinions, do you think his humidity at 22% is way too low?

Also, Doobie, did you ever have the seedlings under a humidity dome? I have found that my seedlings do better if for the first two weeks or so I use a humidity dome.

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Is that to low? Mine seem to be growing well at 25-30% Even though I would like to get it higher
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