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Properly use an LED with both veg & bloom switches


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I have a 300w full spectrum LED grow light that has switches for both bloom and veg but I think I may be using it wrong. I'm in week 3 of flower and I've been running only the bloom switch which has just red and orange lights. My concern is that perhaps this isn't enough though? Should I be running the light with BOTH switches on? Is it bad for the light if I run both switches?


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i know when i switch my LED from veg to bloom it does not shut off the blue just adds more red i cant tell you what light i run becuase they are not a sponsor on this site hope this helps you


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Go full. With only 300w. Veggin is only gunna be 130w out put max. Put ur blue as well as red for flower wont do no harm and possibly better ur yield. While giving better spread. Hope this helps.


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Welcome to...:420:...not all LED's are created equal...butt...a general distance for seedlings is 30 inches from top of plant...DON'T OVER WATER... a wet/dry format is best for root development...if you planted seeds without prior germination...soaking the soil to saturation should give Ya 7 to 10 days before next watering...There is a lot of info lacking in your post...You might consider starting a journal, and include more details and pic's...no shortage of great growers here more than willing to help out...cheerz...h00k...


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Hi mate

My are doing well ���� 450LED veg n bloom switches

Mine are doing great at 16 days veg n bloom lights on 18/6 then I'm going to maintain both lights in but tie 12-12
I've got pics on here of my set up.

I'm keeping a journal also

Prior had my temps st 61-81 and in the 82-98f

Put in a fan n thermostat controller now managing it
61-81f now more like 63-77-79f

Got two WA xBig bud 17 litre pot with soil and samurai hydro nuts A and b half strength at
The moment will increase after next week to full strength


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I am a newbie with LED's but, when I put mine on full spectrum my seedlings perked up and went nuts!. After 6 weeks they are 12" high and nice and thick. Indica. This is the O.G. Kush 2 weeks into flowering, both Veg and Bloom on. After talking to quite a few people about the slower growth for me with only the VEG switch on....they said that was more of a power consumption issue and they all used full spectrum during the entire life of the plant. They just change the dark and light times. I have had great success with both switches on for the entire cycle. I also have two 250 watt CFL side fills. 6500K for Veg and 2700K for flowering. Those seem to help as well. Get the hammered texture mylar. Reflects light better. But they all love the LED light. Listened to some guy on tube who said to put the LED as close as possible and got light burn my first time. With LED's it doesn't show up right away. It is a fine line between extra yield and light burn. So, I just give my ladies room to grow. Don't forget Fox Farms, cloth grow bags, and grow stone gnat nix if you're using soil.


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Here is an example of 4 plants 45 days from seed using only the veg switch on two 600w LED's. Disclaimer : Bloom switch was turned on for a total of 2 days during veg, to see if it would induce stretching. I believe it did stretch them a little.



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One inch. LOL No stop! I'm kidding! 32 " to start. I use CFLs and LED's. I have had the best experience being new starting them under CLF's then letting them get a little bigger before putting them under the LED's. I have tried putting the lights close like some have suggested on tube but , I have found letting them reach up for the light works better. My seedings will grow long and droop over if they don't have enough light, where as they will stay short and stunted if the light is too close. The plants will tell you everything you need to know. So, I use full spectrum and keep them about 32" away. I noticed a big difference in growth leaving both the Bloom and Veg switch on. They love the full spectrum! When they get big enough into the flowering room with a dehumidifier and Ion air filter thay go. Flowering I go closer about 14" and keep the fans going. I actually put a bathroom vent fan in my flowering closet with a light tight vent for extra air flow. Whatever you are doing, keep going. The girls look great!


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Hi am new to using leds I can't say what leds they are as they don't sponsor this site no more but just a quick question do I have to have both veg n bloom on to flower or do I just use the bloom switch
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