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Proposal for research study "Fuzen Project"


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Working on pulling together the pieces for Project Fuzen. This project is planned to look into the effects of hypergravity upon Cannabis Saviva, Cannabis Indica, Mentha spicata, Lavandula angustifolia, and Solanum lycopersicum. Effects ranging from 1g to 500 g, for both short term seed germination trials, and long term breeding/seeding program. Not only using subjective, taste/intensity/smell/appearance, but saving samples of various materials from the different species for more in depth analysis.


Current hypergravity research tends to point to plants growing thicker stalks and stems, tougher leaves, and a shorter, wider growth profile. It also points to altered life cycles, nutritional needs, and other things of interest to growers of food and consumtion plants, like tobacco or cannabis. Also added as a note, but no data collected or presented, that flowers seemed to change scent and appearance. Researcher hypothesizes that not only the terpines and canabanoids can be increased or decreased, but also possibly new terpines or canabanoids to be found. Researcher also hypothesizes that the hemp fibers in hypergravity treated plants might produce stronger or even more useful hemp fibers for use in cables and clothing.

Current stage: drawing up plans for centrifuge for short term spins, with centralized lighting and ventilation, deciding on technique used for short term simulation for the hydrophonics system.. Drawing up growth chambers for long term gravity simulation and centrifuge with feeds for power and water/nutrients, and remote monitoring to prevent the need to stop simulation. acquiring and growing plants for providing genetic mothers for experiment.
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