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Okay so! My roommate and I wanna grow a few seeds of mine up in our attic. Temps at night right now get to like 60 if outside its 46-55 area. During the summer it can get up to 80 degrees in there so heat will be a problem later. I'm going to put a list of things I wanna get and the dimensions and I'd love some feedback on either things I need to get that aren't listed, growing techniques to fit my box's dimensions, tools i should get, or anything else. We are pretty tight for money and we wont be able to grow until I can get the cash for my growers license. Also, about the lights.... We can only afford CFL's for our first grow so unless you wanna send money my way for a HPS or something CFL's are our only option.

Box Dimensions
50" wide x 62" long x 40" tall.
4'2" wide x 5'2" long x 3'4" tall.

Board Dimensions
(2) 25"x40"
(2) 62"x40"
(2) 62"x50"
(1) 50"x40"

2"x2" Dimensions
(4) 40" long
(4) 62" long
(4) 30" long

The 2x2's will be the frame. My question here is should the 2x2's be shorter because of the (we"ll say plywood for now) plywood being screwed in on top making it too big? Because the dimensions are ALL the space we can have.

The 25"x40"-ers are going to be the doors, so the box looks like a really deep cabinet in the attic.

  • Power Drill
  • Staple Gun
  • Jigsaw

  • (10) [starting] CFL's (5 warm 5 cool)
  • (5) [later] CFL's (1 warm 2 cool)
  • (5) Y Bulb splitter (where u can put 2 bulbs in one socket)
  • (2) Power strips
  • (2) Extension Cords
  • (1) Measuring Cup
  • (1) 2mL Dropper
  • Grow Nutrients (unsure on which to use... help?)
  • (4) Hinges
  • (1) Latch
  • (1) Lock
  • (2) Rolls of Reflective Duct Tape
  • (1) Bag of Fox Farms Ocean Soil
  • (1) Seedling/Cloning Tray
  • (6) 6" Pots
  • (6) 2 Gallon Buckets
  • (1) Container of Cloning Gel
  • (1) Container of each PH up and PH down
  • (1) PH tester
  • A lot of String
  • (1) Roll of Chicken Wire
  • (1) Box of 3" screws
  • (12) 2"x2" Boards
  • (1) Electrical Timer
  • (2) [later] Squirrel Cage Fans.

I'm really excited to start this project but my friend wants to be absolutely sure about everything. I want, to start off, 6 lights on the ceiling of the box, and 4 lights, two on each side to get some side light action. Later, however, I want a total of 7 lights on the ceiling and 8 lights, with four on each side. Where should I place the lights? If you could maybe try and post a diagram that would be extremely helpful. If you didn't figure it out, we will be doing a soil grow with a lot of arm space, and a little height space. Any methods to keep stretch to a minimum would be greatly appreciated.
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I haven't made many posts on here lately. I would like to tell you gl with the project though. With CFL's you will not have nearly as much of a heat problem. I have looked into using my attic also before dude and would like to give you the idea of ducting it to a main room for the purpose of getting a normal temperature air flow into that cabinet. It would also help in the summer if you were to get that box up to a much higher temperature than you initially expected. The thing that always stops me from growing in the attic is that I would want to use a high temperature bulb. I have seen CFL's grow on this web site, but I would recommend that for a week instead of buying sacks you and your roomate save and get a nicer flouro or something to veg initially and it can always be used to flower if you are unable to afford a flowering light. But gl and if you are a handy kinda person look up DIY Led Grow Lights and you can find some information on that. They would be even lower temperature than a flouro and would require you to add heat in the winter to that room but you are able to put them much closer to the plant with out burnin the plant.
GL Again Man! Best Wishes to Your Grow... :bong:
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