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Protest Monday At The Van Nuys Police Dept.

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
If anyone is in the Southern California area, San Fernanado Valley specifically, please come help protest the raid that went down this past Thursday 4/26/07 against a great medical marijuana collective, The Karma Collective.

On Monday 4/30/07 at high noon there will be a protest at the
Van Nuys Police Dept
6240 Sylmar Blvd
Van Nuys, CA

Karma did things by the books, paid for a business license, pays sales tax on the medical marijuana (yes the State of California does tax medical marijuana), always checked to make sure you had a valid rec. and D/L when you walked in the door, etc. I mean by the books here folks.

Karma gets robbed in the middle of the night, the landlord calls the cops as he needs to file a police report for his insurance and the cops turn it around into a narcotics investigation. They arrest a sweet sweet girl, steal medicine, steal money, break an interior door, steal video cameras, plus they tore a Jewish mezuzah off the door and left it laying on the ground. For those of you that do not know this is like pissing on the cross.

Where the hell is the justice? The police get called to investigate a robbery and arrest the very people they are supposed to protect. The Karma Collective pays sales tax which in turn pays the LAPDs payroll. Fuck them.

The LAPD is making a big deal over the ediblies in the co-op, such as brownies, lollipops, etc. Some people can not smoke or vaporize so they must eat. Eating is the safest way to medicate, no smoke=no carcinogens.

Please everyone lets come together and show the LAPD we will not stand for our rights being violated.
Greenest Regards,
Rob Griffin
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