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Protesters Rally For Marc Emery


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
More than 100 people shut down traffic at Cambie and Hastings streets on Thursday for an ad hoc rally protesting the extradition of Marc Emery, hours after the outspoken pot activist was sent to the United States.

Jodie Emery, Marc's wife, planted herself in the middle of the intersection, waving a Canadian flag with a marijuana leaf on it and shouting her outrage at her husband's extradition.

"My husband committed a crime punishable by only a $200 fine in Canada, yet this Conservative government is sending him to serve (time) in U.S. jail," she said.

Jacob Hunter, one of the organizers, said the fact that so many people showed up on short notice underscores the city's support for Marc's cause.

"If you can do this in three hours, just think what we can do during an election," he said. "Polling shows Canadians oppose this (extradition)."

"The Conservative government wanted a culture war. Well, they have it. We will be at their offices, their campaign stops, their speeches, fundraisers and every public event. We will hound them until this government is defeated."

Hunter, Jodie and around 20 other activists occupied Harper's Calgary office on Wednesday, protesting the pending extradition.

Marc was arrested in 2005 for allegedly selling marijuana seeds online to U.S. customers.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of drug distribution in exchange for a five-year sentence, and will be held in detention in Seattle for about a week before beginning his plea-bargained sentence.

Vancouver Police were on hand, but didn't interfere with the rally.

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