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Protesters Turn Out by the Hundreds, Try to Convince Governor to Veto SB 423

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WHITEFISH, Mont. -- Terry Goodloe says he uses marijuana to cope with pain from neck surgery. And that's why he stood in downtown Whitefish among an estimated 300 other protesters. He was one of many demanding the Governor veto Senate Bill 423, the medical marijuana reform bill.

That's going to put a lot of people here in Montana without a caregiver," says Goodloe.

Thursday, he wasn't alone as he protested with 300 others while cars honked. They were hoping to persuade the Governor as he drove by to a different event.

"This is terrible for the patients. This is as bad as it could be without being repealed," explains Ed Docter who arranged the event.

Opponents to the current medical marijuana law are angry, too. They claim it's out of control with about 30,000 cardholders and more applying all the time. SB 423 removes profit from medical marijuana and makes it much more difficult to get a card. It'll put medical marijuana shops out of business.

"These are Montanans that work very hard to establish their businesses," says one protester, Heidi Handford.

Schweitzer's already made it clear it he doesn't like SB 423, yet he is allowing it to become law.

"I vetoed the outright repeal because by citizens' initiative in Montana said that we should have medical marijuana. 423 probably is so restrictive that there will be people that actually need medical cannabis that won't get it, so I was disappointed that they didn't accept all of the amendments in my veto. That being said, there are certainly many reasons why we need to have some restrictions on how much medical cannabis is out there. So 423 is probably not the best vehicle, but it's the only one we have today," says Schweitzer.

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