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Protestors Picket Arraignment of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners

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Brighton,MI--Protestors congregated outside the Livingston County 53rd District Courthouse in downtown Brighton Thursday morning to protest the arraignment of Alan and Christi Marshall.

The Marshalls, who own and operate Marshall Alternatives, a medical marijuana dispensary near Fowlerville, and Stephanie Lynn Baxter, an employee, are charged with delivery of marijuana. The felony offense carries up to four years in prison.

Baxter, charged with two counts of delivery of marijuana, and Alan Marshal, charged as a habitual offender, could each see up to eight years in prison.

The charges come after the Marshalls and Baxter allegedly sold medical marijuana to an undercover agent on several occasions over the last several months.

Court documents state that the undercover officer presented an invalid medical marijuana card when purchasing products at Marshall Alternatives.

The Marshalls' attorneys call the agent's tactics entrapment.

Released on bond, all three defendants will return to court on July 13.

Protestors, who held signs that read "I'm a Patient" and "Patients are not criminals," also gathered at the corner of Main and 1st streets. The demonstration elicited the response of several passersby. Motorists honked their horns and pedestrians stopped to talk with the protestors.

One middle-aged woman slowed her minivan and shouted "You're right! They're wrong!" as she passed.

Among the protestors was Doug Orton, president of the Brighton Area Compassion Club, a non-profit organization "promoting positive patient outcomes through cannabis therapy."

Orton said that the Marshalls, who have been in operation for three or four months, are doing nothing more than "operating a safe access point."

He explained that not everyone who is granted access to medical marijuana is capable of growing the plant themselves.

"Dispensaries are a necessity and something that we'll have to learn to deal with," he said.

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