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How far along should I keep pruning the full grown leaves on my outdoor potted plants?
I'm getting really close to I've pruned a half a dozen times this year and last week I told myself no more pruning but these leaves are huge and really dark green.
Also, how late should I wait to put the plants in bigger pots? I have one that seems to have stopped growing and I don't know if its because of the time of the year or I need a bigger pot. the bottom leaves are turning colors. I've flushed it but the leaf below is what I'm still seeing. It's in a 5 gallon pot now


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I'm a big fan of selective pruning of fan leaves indoors, but I don't think it really needs to be done outside. There is so much ambient light, that those leaves are still working for the plant at full steam. From that one leaf, it looks like you have spider mites. But I think some pictures of the plant would help in determining what's wrong with it.
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