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hello agen - my Northrn Lights plant is doing lovely. It's 110cm tall, and quite bushy. Just started 12 / 12 lighting 7 days ago, and wee flowers starting to form. Anyway, wot i would like to know is, how much foliage / fan leaves can i remove to aid light penetration, without compromising plant's growth / health? I'm talking about big, single fan leaves, not the smaller ones beside the flowering heads. Hope someone can help. Cheers, Guv'nor.:3:


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Hey Guv,
The "Fan Leaves" are producing energy for the plant to grow, so I advise not to trim them off unless it's dead or dying. If penetration is an issue, you'd be better off to trim the "junk" off the bottom of the plant to focus the plants hormones up to the tops and accelerate bud production.


You can remove the lower larger fan leaves when they begin to turn yellowish. I usually begin to remove them at that point by hand. If little downward pressure at the base of the leaf near the stem causes it to fall with a light snap you may be pretty well assured that the leaf has reached its potential and is of no more use. To soon and the stem will bleed.

If you haven't already tried gently tying and bending the top stems down and to the sides a bit to allow more light to reach the lower branches this may be an alternative to removing those large pesky light blocking fan leaves.

They are fairly bendable but be careful you do not break them. Tie them down a little each day and this may help.

I will also remove limpy non productive lower, branches almost like lollipopping.

Happy Gardening




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It’s a grave digger,

hey jakedog, the new similar threads feature down below uses keyword indexing to bring up other threads that are comparable... one side effect is it brings up old thread posts- the one you replied to is from 2007 so you may not get many replies.

Anyway welcome aboard! You’ve got a nice 6 plant scrog going there. Do you have a journal here yet?


Thats pretty funny. Yesterday I was looking for ProMix online and had seen and clicked on a site that brought up 420. So I gave it a once over and befote I knew it I had signed in just out of interest. I have absolutely no idea what the hell I am doing. I have never done this before. 2007 huh. As I get to understand this I will probably continue to do these things.
Thanks for the heads up.


I'm 67 and now look back to the 70s. Would haver never thought we would ever be able to discuss let alone produce the "Evil Weed" so openly. I have been growing indoors legally since around 2010. I am no techy type. Have learned to know what I need to know to satisfy my desired results. I kept a journal early on in order to understand the number of hours of light use per grow, amounts of nutrients used along with other supplies and measurement tools needed. Now that I am well acclimated to growing and being satisfied with my results, I now have the luxury of know what I need and when I need it. I want to just do the maintenance, sit back and watch the grass grow.
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