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PTSD Patients


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I am a new caregiver in Maine and wanted to know what PTSD patients seem to requesting for a strain that seems to help them the most??I would like to help the vets all I can.


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Here is an High Times article on the Top 5 Strains for Veterans -

Veterans and others suffering from post traumatic stress tend to favor indica-dominant marijuana varieties over their sativa-dominant counterparts. Soothing and relaxing, indicas ease pain without inducing anxiety or heightening senses. Here are five distinctly different pot varieties that work wonders.

Pot of Gold from Flying Dutchmen

This strain is a 90% indica from Holland that's a true resin bomb. The essential oil produced by Pot of Gold reduces panic. Growers love the production from dense compact plants.

The Pure OG

An amazing representation of the OG Kush strain with lasting power. Just a few puffs are all it takes for hours of relief. Keeps you cool, calm and collected.

Happy Brother from Karma Genetics

Originally developed to treat a Rastaman's paralyzed sibling, this one digs deep into the body to provide comfort and rest. Good for nights at home watching TV or reading books by the fire.

Mazar from Dutch Passion

Second-place at the 1999 Cannabis Cup in the indica category, Mazar invokes the old hash-making region of Afghanistan from which it came. This strain boasts strong sedating properties good for muscle relaxation and falling asleep.

LA Confidential from DNA Genetics

This strain placed "Top 3" in the indica category of the Cannabis Cup in 2004 and 2005. Provides pure "couch-lock" with that old-school taste and feel.

You can also go on Leafly and search for strains by Effect and Medical Usage to narrow them down by what exactly your patients need help with. Keep up the great work!

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I have no advice that's better than the above, I just wanted to say well done mate!
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