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PTSD Therapy: Are They Fakers and Charlatans?

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
PTSD Therapy has turned into a huge business with treatment centers all over the United States and also all over the world. The original stimulus seemed to be U.S. Veterans of the Vietnam war although PTSD has been an unfortunate historical sequel of wars since the Egyptian Pharaohs wars 4000 years ago.

It certainly happened in every U.S. war since the Revolutionary War. Back in those days the therapy was Opi*um and/or alcohol. We haven’t made much positive progress. In fact we may have gone backwards.

I have successfully treated about 1000 PTSD patients with Marijuana/Cannabis both war veterans and non-veterans. About 99% of them had discovered on their own that Cannabis/Marijuana worked better than any standard pharmaceutical they had been prescribed.

This was news to me. I assumed the VA psychiatrists KNEW what they were doing/ I was WRONG. The U.S. Armed Forces have produced at least 300 thousand PTSD victims and it appears the VA psychiatrists have given up taking care of them and the cure of PTSD Vets has gone to Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Psychologists: NO PROGRESS HERE.

I am avidly interested in the subject of PTSD THERAPY and I frequently scan my computer to see what is going on elsewhere. Our Hemp and Cannabis Clinic (THCC) has about 5000 PTSD Vets and non-vets legally using Marijuana/Cannabis successfully. Many had been using it for 40 years or more.

My recent computer safari about PTSD Therapy brought up the most appalling information. There were 100 pages, 1000 entries, of PTSD Therapy of many people making much money. “Taking care” of PTSD victims and their care is minimally successful if not counter productive. Many patients indicated the use of a whole variety of medications (see salem-news.com Marijuana/Cannabis Therapy for Pain and PTSD part 1 & 2 and other previous articles on the same subject – PTSD Leveque).

Anyone who has worked with or associated with PTSD victims knows the PTSD problem is severe. I have recently written quizzically about many of these purported therapies. The therapists propound that their therapy WORKS but I have asked my readers and correspondents of my PTSD articles on salem-news.com to email us if they have benefited in any way from these various psychological therapies. In three years, we have not had ONE confirmational response. During the same time period we have had dozens, if not hundreds, of responses stating that Marijuana/Cannabis gives the best, safest results they have ever had.

On top of this, current information we just received states that VA Medical Centers in Michigan have just accepted Marijuana/Cannabis as an efficacious therapy which had been previously forbidden. I am profoundly pleased. Michigan is leading the way on this. The state of Michigan expects to have at least 50 thousand legal Medical Marijuana users. Dozens of clinics are opening up and ALL have a Tsunami of applicants.


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