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Public Hearing on Marijuana Distribution Facilities Scheduled for June 1

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Imperial Beach - As required by law, the IB City Council is opening a public review of a drafted, but not yet passed, ban on marijuana dispensaries within IB.

The review period will last from April 14 through May 26, and be followed by public hearings at the IB City Council meetings on June 1 and June 15 at 6 p.m.

The ban will "prohibit medical marijuana distribution facilities in all zoning districts," by amending the City's Title 19 Zoning Ordinance, part of Local Coastal Programs within the General Plan Materials.

A ban would violate California State law Prop. 215, which legalizes use, possession and cultivation of marijuana for patients with a valid doctor's recommendation and assigned an ID card. Patients may designate a primary caregiver to possess and cultivate marijuana for medical use.

In May 2010, the California Legislature amended Prop. 215, the Compassionate Use Act, with AB 2650, limiting marijuana dispensaries to locations in commercial zones, but not within a 600-foot radius of any public or private school serving grades K-12.

No dispensaries currently operate in Imperial Beach, but in a City Council meeting last December, City Manager Gary Brown suggested the city pursue a ban on the grounds that the presence of dispensaries could result in an increase in crime and patients could still have access through dispensaries in nearby San Diego.

Public Hearings will be held at the IB City Council Chambers at 825 Imperial Beach Boulevard.

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