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Public hearing to debate medical marijuana dispensaries in Marysville


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Public hearing Monday, July 11th to debate medical marijuana dispensaries!

MARYSVILLE – With a number of statewide ballot measures seeking to put the issue of marijuana legalization up to a vote in Washington, the city of Marysville is weighing whether it should take action of its own.

On June 22, the "New Approach Washington" group filed for an initiative to legalize the growth, processing and sale of marijuana, in regulated stores to adults 21 years or older, which would allow the state Legislature to enact it themselves or put it on next year's ballot.

On July 11, the Marysville City Council will conduct a public hearing to consider an interim ordinance imposing a moratorium on the establishment, licensing and permitting of medical marijuana dispensaries and collective gardens within city limits.

Unless extended, this interim moratorium would sunset within six months of the date of its adoption, which would likewise need to be determined.

This issue is not a distant concern for Marysville city officials, who last year reported that they were as surprised as anyone else to learn that a medicinal marijuana dispensary had set up shop within city limits.

The July 11 public hearing starts at 7 p.m. at Marysville City Hall, located at 1049 State Ave., and any person may attend and speak out on this issue.
PLease try to get there and make your voice heard, let them know you want MMJ from a city licensed dispensary that will pay sales tax and B&O tax, help the community, etc., instead of paying gangs and cartels to provide for you! By imposing a moratorium they will be forcing us to support gangs and thugs!
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