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Public marijuana smoking rally in Times Square


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Check out this event. We need as much people as possible to show up.

"Join multitudes of fellow new yorkers for a Marijuana March in Times Square in April 17 2016. Bring your joints, bongs, vapes, and whatever else you got, and we will all have a great time ingesting some THC together.
No more will we allow the world to falsely believe that our right to enjoy Marijuana can be comprised by some politicians sitting in some fancy office. It is one hundred percent permissible to smoke pot in any place in the world, the government can try to stop us as much as they want, BUT BANNING MARIJUANA IS NOT WITHIN THEIR JURISDICTION. Yes, they may think it is, and the world may blindly believe that it is, but private matters such as this are none of their business, and any law they make regarding business like this should not be recognized by the people. This is our chance to show the world, show the governments, and most importantly, show ourselves that we will stand our ground. This giggly get together is not just going to be a one time thing. It will be a revolution. Starting in NYC, but hopefully the rest of the world will follow not long after. We will achieve, by making this rally, that nobody will think twice before lighting up in middle of the street anymore. The government will learn that NYC won't accept these archaic laws, and it will stop ordering police to enforce them. We will be free to smoke and trade our favorite plant without worrying anymore.
April 17, a few days before 420, but on a Sunday, so all the multitudes of supporters can attend. By the time April 20th comes around, the cannabis will be freed from its shackles, and New Yorkers will be celebrating the date in the street worry free. This event will be historic. Make sure to be there. This is your opportunity to change the world forever.

(Ohh, and if you are worried about getting arrested by the event, there are only 22,000 cops in nyc, they will not even attempt to arrest many thousands thousands of people on one day, but even if they do, the public outcry will be heard and we are all on this together, and it will only produce good memories)

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