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Pump / Nutrients Questions?

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I have a few questions for you regarding when you transfer seedlings to the veg/flower chamber?

So I have 5 seedlings, each with 2 sets of true leaves right now. They are in the cloner right now, and I have a 1/4 diluted nutrient mix in the cloner reservoir of Root 66 and Sugar Daddy as the Technaflora Recipe for Success states.

I noticed that some are putting your seedlings into the veg/flower chamber under the LED fairly quicky - seedlings with just 2 pairs of true leaves even.

I've been trying to find the answer to a few questions:

1. My seedlings have some white roots coming out of the bottom of the rockwool - I placed them in the 3" netcups and surrounded them with the clay rocks (hydroton) they give you - I put them in the flower/veg chamber as you did - and used a 1/4 diluted solution (around 400 PPM using RO water that started at 10 PPM without nutes) of the "vegetative" growth solution that Technflora recommends. Is this ok? They have 2-3 sets of true leaves right now. They do have roots growing out from the bottom of the Rockwool - does having roots mean they are ready for nutrients? I couldn't really find the answer to "when do you start giving seedlings nutrients" questions.

2. At this phase, did you run the pump that's inside the superponic chamber? In the "Growing Guide" that Supercloset gives you, it says to wait until you see roots coming out of the bottom of the clay rocks. Mine have roots, but they do not extend beyond the clay rocks as of right now. Should I turn on the pumps for the recommended 15 minute / 3 times a day / every 6 hours time span?

I don't want to hurt the plants - they are around 15 days from seed - they were in the cloner for around 2 weeks - I just transferred them into the veg/flower chamber under the LED's today. I have the water level 2" below the bottom of the net cups, and the bottom of the lid inside the chamber stays damp from the bubbles bursting and keeping the hydroton rocks damp as well. It seems to be keeping the rockwool moist too - but I'm not sure when to start the pumps, etc.

Thanks in advance!


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I do not have the system you are referring to, and just general knowledge on hydro growing. I believe you are safe to start 1/4 strength nutrients as you have done(I believe the general rule is third set of true leaves), and I would turn on the pump the day I put them in the net pots. To be on the safe side you could dilute to 1/8th strength nutrients as well, but again I do not believe you need to.
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