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Puna budder indoor


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closet grow 7th week flower, gonna let it go 2 more weeks , some heat stress outgrew my space, 250 watt mh/hps, 2 liter soda bottle to gauge bud size, + clones , enjoy thx














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its about 4ft tall from the soil , i wanna say it was about a 1ft and half when i started flowering, cant be sure tho i didnt really pay close attention, topped it once when it was small with lst , i undid the lst ties after the shoots were tall enough, grew much taller then expected , but im not complaining, ill post again when its harvest time, with some macro shots


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Looking forward to hearing how much you pull off the plant. You already giving it a flush? Any idea of the genetics on the plant?


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i believe its a hawaiian breed mixed with something, deff sativa indica hybrid
i will be flushing soon, pistils are just starting to turn , and the the trics are mostly cloudy nothing amber yet, i really should start marking dates on a calender to keep up , ill keep you informed , thanks for the interest


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Great grow of a great strain! Really nice!!!!!

I like PB a lot! It was my best smoke last year. The few I share with thought it was one of the better strains they had ever smoked. I hada agree. Even my super smoking chimney, AKA, my wife :) really got taken down by it. She thought it was great!!

The year before it was my [Pop's Blend] Celtic Stone that took the honors from my wife & friends.

Puna Budder is a cross of Hawaiian & Himalayan. Very nice strain! It's a bit older school so speak, but has held it's own against some really good newer strains.
Another strain my wife liked, before we were married was Early Girl. She smokes a lot. Starts in the AM & goes till bed time. I usually only medicate at bed time. Any way, I gave here some when she lived in another town. I told her it was real strong. She told me later that she thought, "Heck. I been smokin a lot for years. Early Girl can't be that good!" Long story short, she said she waked, baked & was back in bed in an hour. :)

Again, stellar job on this strain!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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