Puppy's Cannabis Find In Park


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Dog owner Miss Clare Fallows took 11-month-old Dalmatian Bella on the walk on Monday along her usual route near Towneley Golf Course and into the woods. The boisterous puppy played in the grass for around an hour along with Miss Fallow's son, the son's school friend, and the family's other dog Toby.

On returning home to Dall Street, Miss Fallows noticed Bella behaving strangely and becoming very ill, vomiting and shaking. Alarmed, she called the emergency vet and rushed Bella to Oakmount Veterinary Centre in Trafalgar Street. The vet told her that the most likely cause of the sickness was the dog eating something in the woods, which could have been cannabis. After resting for a day, Bella had fully recovered from her ordeal.

Miss Fallows said: "I was a bit shocked, but I was just relieved to be told she would be OK. I was beside myself because I thought I was going to lose her at one point. She was that ill because she was shaking so violently, was being constantly sick and was also having diarrhoea.

The vet said the symptoms were consistent with an animal that had swallowed cannabis, and that Bella could have eaten it while on a walk. She is a lively dog and always sniffs around when I am walking her, so it is hard to keep track of what she is smelling or trying to eat.

She did eat a bit of grass that evening so if there were drugs, she could have eaten them at the same time. I didn't see anything suspicious, but the vet said it was probably a lump of cannabis."

Miss Fallows contacted the police who visited the woods with a trained sniffer dog but did not find any cannabis plants or anything suspicious.

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so they blamed the pups illness on marijuana but there was no evidence of marijuana and even the sniffer dogs couldn't find anything.

Memo: if you can't explain something bad that happens blame it on marijuana.
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