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Pure AK not growing tall quick enough?


Pure AK from Female Seeds
India/Sativa hybrid
1 plant in 2’ x 4’ x 7’ tall tent in garage
Yesterday = 31 days into veg
Fox Farms Ocean Forest w 20% pearlite added
Solo cup to 1 gallon Smartpot to 7 gallon Smartpot
180 W UFO LED light (same light used on my 1st space bucket grow that yielded 1.2 oz.)
4 CFL bulbs @ 65 W each, 2700K
4” Ventech 190 cfm fan connected to 4” Phresh Filter
Temps between 77 – 90F
RH 31% - 61%
No pests
I’m watering 9 pints every 2.5 days. Alternating between GH nutes & no nutes
Now my question. I’m 31 days into veg and this this is not taller than 6”. That’s even if I weren’t to have LST’d a few branches with pipe cleaners.
I built a SCROG @ 12” above ground level, but this damn thing isn’t getting tall enough, quick enough.
The 4 CFLs are off to the sides, angled at 45 degrees. Could this be causing the plant to try and grow sideways instead of up? The UFO LED is directly above. Compared to my 1st grow (Medical Mass) in the space bucket, this thing is about 2 weeks behind in growth.

Day 17

Day 31


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You're giving too much water. You need to let the pot dry out between water/feedings. Not just dry on the surface, but dry all the way to the bottom of the pot. Wait for the leaves to barely wilt before you water. Also memorize how light the pot feels when it's truly dry.

As far as her height is concerned, I just finished a scrog. Screen 9-10" above soil. It was 64 days from seed/sprout before she hit the screen. I did a lot of LST also.

Your node spacing is very tight. You can try raising your light to get her to stretch a little more. I'm betting your light is 14-18 inches above the canopy, right? Try keeping the light at 24- 32 inches and see if that helps.

Here are some pictures. The first one show the plant slightly wilting ready for water. Notice how the stems have relaxed and allowed the leaves to droop? She is ready for water.

Here is a picture of her at 64 days from seed. She just hit the screen 9-10 inches above soil.



Thanks for the tips. My LED UFO was only about 6" above the canopy. The side CFLs vary because they're at 45 degree angles. The lower CFLs are about 14" away from plant and upper CFLs are 9".

I just moved the LED up to 10" above canopy before snapping these pics.

I intended to water about every 3.5 days, but after 2.5 days I can stick my finger in to the 2nd joint and its bone dry. 7 gallon Smartpot.

Amadeus Forzin

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Depending on the led unit will depend on distances etc. Most will say 12 inches above the canopy. Cfl's? Get those puppies in real close, like 2-3 inches close.
As for your watering, I have this girl in a 7 gallon fabric pot and she takes a gallon feed every six days

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