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Pure Blend Pro VS Iguana Juice? Any ProGrow KNow?


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Pure Blend Pro soil VS Iguana juice???

I have used PBP, cal mag,RO water,and ph up and have smokin:smokin: results. but Im curious about this Iguana Juice.

Any pros out there got some insight and advice on Advanced Nutes.. Iguana juice??. 100% organic

Is it as acidic as pure blend pro? Got to use a lot of PH up with PBP when using RO water
IS cal mag needed with iguana juice? PBP needs cal mag if your using RO water.
yeilds on the juice?
quality? tastse?
Results of hydro on juice? soil on the juice?
Do you have to add any supplements to the Juice?

Tell me whats up with this Juice??? :smoke2:please
any info is much appreciated

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