Pure THC/terpene mix for e-cig users

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The biggest problem to create e-liquids based on thc was the separation between liquid and thc (#¹) ...but now the problem is solved by terpenes !!!

Liquid-product based on terpenes provide a very natural and familiar medium to emulsify and liquefy extracts without ever worrying about separation!!!!

Holy Terp is a company currently marketing a terpenes liquid named
Pure line FLAVORLESS [(solvent/concentrate = 0.2/1 ratio)] .

Their product was by far my favorite cuz u can get a really more concentrate thc-liquid ,w/o any flavor ! (amazing precisely cuz mixing it add a real hemp flavor to my ADV !)
It does not take a lot of time to liquefy your concentrate:(5minutes/50°C).
Depending the concentrate type, it will typically take anywhere from 0.2 mL - 0.6 mL(HTcompany say 0.1-0.5) to liquefy 1 gram of concentrate. With honey oils it will require you to add closer to 0.2 mL, for solid concentrates it will be closer to 0.6 mL.
Pure line FLAVORLESS price=
[4ml =$15.99 /// 15ml =$56.99 /// 30ml =$99.99]

this product has really left me impressed and amazed !!

Because this mix does not produce much smell, this method provides for maximum stealth and discretion and keep almost unchanged the taste of our favorite "sauces" !!!!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DiY Pure THC/Terpene mix ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The process is done in two steps; the first step creates a potent cannabis concentrate, and the second step disperses the concentrate into a liquid in the most efficient manner possible.

You can use any extract or concentrate (bho,qwet,qwiso,rosin,etc)[Qwet and Qwiso have less flavor than other ] ... I usually use qwet...or better swet : slow wash with ethanol ,one of the techniques commonly employed to extract oil from cannabis.

If u can/want buy the concentrate directly,feel free to skip the 1st step (In this step you have to use MAX care as the hot evaporation of alchol can be dangerous so if you are distracted or clumsy people i really suggest to buy it !!)
The fair market rate and average THC is between 10 cents per milligram (low) and 20 cents per milligram (high)...Most concentrates cost around $50-100 per gram (though you can find them as low as $35 and as high as $150).

if cannot like me ( here we dont ve neither dispensary nor coffeeshop ) ...1st u must make the concentrate:

Part One

First, grind your Weed (#²) into fine pieces and place it on a baking trat covered in parchment paper.

Next you'll need to decarboxylate your buds {this step is so important! is necessary in order convert the THC-A in fresh cannabis to THC (a process that normally happens through combustion or vaporization), and because e-liquid vaporization temperatures may not get hot enough to do this}, so preheat your oven to 100C/220F (#³) and insert your baking tray containing your ground loose leaf for about twenty-five to forty minutes until it turns light brown in color.

Once your bud has been decarboxylated , place it into one of your mason jars and pour in enough high proof alcohol the loose leaf is submerged with 1″ (3cm) of alcohol on top.
Then place a lid on your jar and place it in a cool dark place for at least 48 hours (but the longer -> the better).
Evry 12h give the liquid a light shake to mix up the active ingredients and encourage extraction.

After at least 48 hours has passed, remove the jar and prepare your second mason jar as well as 2 syringes and a coffee filter.
Unscrew the blunt tip needles from your two syringes, remove the plunger from one of them and insert half a coffee filter inside.
This step increases filtration while minimizing losses which would be absorbed by normal filtration methods.
Take your syringe without the filter, and begin sucking up the liquid from your first mason jar and squirt it into the syringe which contains the filter, then replace the plunger.
Squeeze this liquid (which will now be filtered) into your second jar and keep repeating this step until no solution remains in the first jar.

Seal your second jar and put it in your freezer for 48 hours.
This step increases purity by allowing any undesirable contents to settle at the bottom of the jar.
Carefully remove the jar from the freezer, and filter it by using the same process outlined in steps before.
Then let the mixture warm up to room temperature before you proceed(this is highly important as heating up cold alcohol can be dangerous!).

Take the lid off your jar, place it in your stove pot , and then fill the pot with enough water to cover almost half the jar to create a bain marie. Turn your stove vent on high and then bring the water to just under a boil and watch closely until all the alcohol boils off.
Once this happens you should be left with a dark, thick oil at the bottom of the jar.

Pls keep in mind is a bain marie with alchol so if is ur 1st time doing that, dont blow up and check before on youtube ...have a tons of video how to make that safety!!!

Step Two

Using your pot, fill it again to halfway with water with your mason jar containing the oil inside. I recommend putting a knife or fork at the bottom of one side of the jar so that the liquid will pool to one side (making removing it easier)

Using a new syringe, measure 0.2 ml of Holy Terp Pure line FLAVORLESS for every gram of concentrate that you have inside your jar. Feel free to experiment with a little less or little more, but this is what worked for me.
Again, bring your water to just under a boil, but you won't need a lot of heat for this step (just enough so that the oil gets dissolved into the Mix (120°F//50°C).
Take your syringe and transfer the solution into a dropper bottle for storage and keep it .
They said :You can drip it right away(max effect->care! only for heavy smokers)but i found that not really enjoyable at all,better mix it with other flavor(upgrade sauce !!) .

Very Important : storing the finished product in a cool, dark place away from light
Exposure to light (not direct sunlight) was shown to be the greatest single factos in loss of cannabinoids especially in solutions!!!!!
resin cannabis or extracts are reasonably stable for 1 to 2 years if stored in the dark at room temperature.




note #¹ solvents for concentrated (from worst-1star to best-5star)

(1-star) EJ Mix - is 'heavier' PG (PG400 in particular). PG400 does a much better job of suspending psychoactive material compared to standard PG used in most cannabis e-juice recipes.
Work well and stays in solution well ...but imho is bad,that made my vape almost unusable....chemical aftertaste!!! }

(2-star) Holy Terp regular line =(Vg+Pg+Pg400+terp) - Mixes well and stays in solution well. Tried it at first at 2:1 ratio and get a bad chemical taste so get it to a 1:1 solution and it was way better .

(3-star) Puff Majic =(special blend of Propylene and Polyethylene Glycols enhanced with naturally sourced organic compounds )- Mixes well an stays in solution well. Very strong flavoring . Not as bad of a chemical taste but still a taste. Was ok at 1:1 ,

(4-star) Connoisseur Concentrates The Solution =(terpene+pg/flavors) - Mixes extremely easy ,it just turns into pure honey with a little heat and stays in solution well. Vapes well with no chemical taste.
Work at 1 gram shatter to 0.5 gram of CC [0.5/1ratio].
Really good but too expensive IMHO.

(4½-star)Holy Terp Pure line =(terpene+pg/flavors)-They make eight flavored products ,which I put one step below the flavorless,exactly like C.C. , but vs. The Solution they are better ratio and cheaper.

(5-star) Holy Terp Pure line Flavorless=(pure terpene)
- This is the best solution I have used yet.

note #² HasH

what about hash extraction ?

Mostly home made hash do NOT decarb {like Bubble Hash = ice water extract or dry sift = kief (with exceptions)} These you need to follow everything from step one .
Traditional hashes tend to be sun dried, and aged, before pressing with heat. So just skip the decarboxylate passage, since are mostly decarboxylated already,and put the hash under alchol.

Keep in mind more grated/grinded/finely chopped ll be,faster the extraction (pownder-like=weed=at least 2days///small pieces not grinded well=at least 5days)

note #³ about decarb temp

we can never know for sure exactly what the starting state of decarboxylation is.

We can't expect dry material placed in an oven at any given temperature to be that uniform temperature throughout instantly upon placing it in a heated oven, nor know for sure the state of decarboxylation by simple observation.
Decarboxylating plant material, also alters the taste (roasted/toasted), which some find less agreeable, and of course decarboxylating also evaporates away the smaller Monoterpenes and Sequiterpenes alcohols, phenols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, and esters.
The good news is that it is dirt simple to monitor the state of cannabis oil decarboxylation placed in a 121C/250F hot oil bath, because you can watch the CO2 bubble production.
Just like the curves suggest, CO2 bubble production will proceed at its own observable rate. By keeping the puddle of oil lightly stirred on the bottom and in the corners of the pot (I use a bamboo skewer), so as to keep the bubbles broken free and floating to the top, you can tell exactly when the bubble formation suddenly tapers off at the top of the curve.
That is the point that we take it out of the oil for maximum head effect, and we leave it in until all bubbling stops, if we want a more sedative night time med.

So the average time suggested, on almost every site, is 252 degrees for 25-26 minutes, or longer for more sedative meds.

The Recipe


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Just finished making cannabis juice using the EJMIX, wish i had of seen this thread before i ordered it, but oh well. Had a couple of my buddies try it and they said that it was decent , no complaints. I mixed 2.5 EJ- little over 1ml CCO . After 3-4 puffs nice buzz. But i am not excited to try the "holy terp". Thanks for the post, great info:thumb:..........Do you think you could add a couple drops of essential oil to your vape juice for flavour?
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