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Pure Vaporizers


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All it says on the box or on the vape itself is Pure Vaporizers. It looks quite similar to the Vapor Brothers models. Heat adjustment knob is on the back. The only problem I have with this product is they way the screen sits in the whip, and that the whip must be held on to while using it. I know that there are (takes a hit) replacement whips that solve these problems and I may need to invest in one soon. (exhails) I bought mine for $150, about a year ago, and it has been rocking me ever since. Its even been dropped a few times accidently from about 4 feet and is still working fine. Its amazing what a difference it makes when you use only a vaporizer for a few days. I can breathe so much better. This piece makes me want to be high all the time. Tastes do good.


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:60: That's no bull!!! Vaporizing rules in my lungs!!! I have Cal Vapor CO box w/ whip...don't have to hold onto...sometimes I have to hold onto myself w/ some of the excellent buzzes I get from vaping...love sativa strains for the taste & headiness...nice fuity earthy tones from indica (kush & company)...in all, the taste & effect is great...I can't even tolerate the smoke anymore...too harsh!:allgood:
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