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Purple AK pheno or P. deficiency


I have grown out several Ak48 plants this year and one of the plants in my guerrilla patch has purple buds. I have read that sometimes a plant can turn purple from cool temps, genetic traits, or phosphorus def. I have been treating this plant with all the same ferts as my others plants and it is getting plenty of P. why is this plant turning purple? How do i know if its a deficiency? Maybe PH lock out?

Here is a couple pics. They don't look as purple in the pics ass they really are possibly because of the bright sun.

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Here is one of the regular plants

Judging by the pics how long do i have till harvest? I know it will be a broad range. I'm guessing between 2 weeks to a month.
I Love finding pictures like these on the internet and uploading them on forums like this one along with some fictional information to confuse prohibitionists ! ;);)
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I knew you would be the first to reply! Thanks Moose!

sweet. I thought it was the phenotype but I needed an expert opinion which is what i got! I took some clones of the purple pheno types but i still need to clone some of the short dense indca looking phenos for indoor. Hopefully the clones take. i will keep trying to i get at least one clone of the purple and one clone of the suger phenos.
If all else fails ill just rip it out of the ground like i did last year. Last year choppers forced me to rip my plant a 7 to 14 days early so i just yanked them out of the ground and ran with my 3 ladies! when i got back to the house i wrapped the roots in trash bags after misting with water. then I harvested all the main colas along with the rest of the buds. 2 days later i chopped off one third of the main branches and most of the leaves. I then Packed the roots in a mix of 1/3 vermiculite to 2/3 perlite soaked with half strength all purpose fertilizer. Then put under florescents. By then all the leaves were wilted and the plants looked deathly. To my surprise I opened the 2 closet hours later and the plant had rehydrated and was already reaching for the lights!
I kept the plants long enough to revert to veg and new leaf growth sprouting. I could have turned all three into mothers or put back into flowering if i wanted. My landlord forced me to move them from upstairs to the basement which was too cold and stunted the growth and finally they start to mold. I didn't have the money and didn't put fourth the effort to save them, at the time I was too lost in opiate addiction(look up subboxone if you have the same prob).
Anyone else ever tried bringing there plants indoor and revegging after harvest? Its a great way to preserve a particular phenotype you want to use. Or if you just want to reveg and then flower I'm sure you could get a decent yeild if you vegged long enough and had enough watts. You would defiantly have the advantage of the large root mass that was once supporting 3 times more leaves and flowers. anyone ever tried any of these?
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