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Purple Gelato #45 Review, With Pictures


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The purple, Gelato #45 that I got some time back, was an amazing smoke. It had a good pungent nose, had the Girl Scout Cookies taste to her, with Sunset Sherbert tones all through out the smoke. She was frosty with lots of trichomes, had an amazing purple bud structure, and was VERY sticky. The exhale from the smoke was smooth, with no harsh taste, or being harsh on the lungs. I had 1 ounce of her. She really was an great smoke, something I would definetely like to try again. She was a top shelf for sure. One of my top favorites. I mostly rolled up blunts. She wasn't too dry, nor too wet, she was perfect. The hairs on her really stood out, and had that really bright, nice colored orange. All over she was a 10/10 for me.
Smoke: 10.
Appeal: 10.
Smell: 10.
High: 10.


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