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Purple Kush and Cataract Kush

Kush Master

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Here's a peek at my latest grow at start of week 7.
Currently have 2 strains Purple Kush and Cataract Kush .
I will be adding 2 other strains for the next one THC BOMB and BERRY BOMB
seeds have been cracked and clones are almost ready , timing should be perfect
as this grow will be done in about 10 days....bleach and doom the room , check intake fan 8" ,
check filter and exhaust 8" ,check bulbs .... a few days later and KA-POW
clones will be 14-17 days into veg. in 7 gal pots soil less mix PH 6.35 and ready to move to bloom room.
Next grow estimated start Feb 7-10

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