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Purple Kush CKS

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Day: 5 since germination the purple kush is in the red cups

Day: 8 I moved them to green pots and the soil cut in half also cutting there roots in half took awhile to heal

This is them today day: 12 the wierd looking one is a tomatoe one of the purple kush didn't make it through the root cut but I only wanted 2 anyways seeing how that is my legal limit
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This isnt the purple kish but this is my hemp I started up as a experiment 3 weeks back put them in bid already just for fun will probably just make edibles with it
only 6 days into bud I removed all the males also forgot to say my light fixture wich is 2X 60 watt grow lights 1X 23 watt cfl 3X 40 watt fish tank lights and 4X 32 watt t8's wich are made specifically for growing
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My cat today ate one of my purple kush and my tomatoe so I had to plant 2 more seeds

This is the purple kush that survived however it's getting to be a decent size

All the hemp survived however

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Today in the grow room I took the 2 new purple kush plants out if the paper towel method and planted them
the other purple kush has grown a bit in the past 24 hours

Planted over 100 more hemp seeds
plus all the hemp I still have budding
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The purple kush is getting big one of the newer baby purple kush has also started to pop JUST 24 HOURS AFTER GERMINATION
This is the hemp today
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Update #4 The new baby purple kush plants are starting to really sprout
This is the big one
these are all the new hemp seeds
And this is the hemp I have budding still

This in total adds up to over 150+ hemp plants and 3 purple kush plants and 1 tomatoe
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Update #6: Hey everybody I'm back and I finally have a real grow room with a new 30p watt led light full spectrum

Just about to put the purple kush plants in there for the first time was just testing it with the hemp for a couple a hours and man i have already seen massive growth
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Update #7: Man just in the past 24 hours these girls have blown up from the new light and tent

Not to mention THE GODLY SMELL that comes out of this tent when I open it this is literally what my heaven would smell like if I was there
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Update #10 huge growth over the past 2 days
I know my big purple kush is really bushy so I have cut back on light from 16 hours on to 14 on and 7 hours off instead of 6

Smaller pir0le kush starting to have some nice growth with huuuge leaves if you compare these starter leaves
to this wich were growth under t8's at the start
There is a major difference thanks to this new led
Anyways this is the hemp today
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Update #12 pulled my branch down on my big purple kush plant so I trellis net in the future forgot what this is called
This is only my 3rd grow and 1st grow trying this out normally I just top my plants and that's it so can wait to try this out


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Curious to see how she looks when all said and done. Also wondering about the stability and coloring of the flowers, I have some of these beans too. Subbed!