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Got some Purple Kush Feminized seeds from Crop King Seeds, still trying to sex my mystery plants and all that but thought I'd start one for this plant, as I know when I did what as I just started and have dates wrote down. LED and soil grow, as my 3rd grow (only one complete grow under my belt) and trying to keep it as simple as possible for now as I can screw up enough as it is thank you very much ;). So just a one plant go, for the time being anyway until I can sex the other two I have (well one has two clones, so 4 total).

My other grow, that in all various stages of life along with my cabinet sizes and lighting already posted:

The Anti-Journal Journal

So far seem to have my own way of doing it, and when I tried to germinate in paper towels I messed one up trying to plant it with root out, so it is one of those "if it isn't broken then don't screw with it" kind of things ;) lol

Soaked seed in water for about 6 hours and then planted seed into one of them small Jiffy Pot Plug things, put into one of my cabinets with a couple of clones in it. Misted it with one of those hand sprayers (like what household chemicals come in) as Jiffy Pot was drying out pretty fast, didn't soak it just sprayed a few times to keep it damp.

Went out this morning to check on them all and had a new face peeking out at me:



So far so good, we shall see though as like the 5th seed I have germinated, lost two after they popped out of plug many weeks ago, back when I was trying it the first time once I got my other cabinet up and running, so had room for something besides the two clones. Time will tell lol but got a heater out in shed so I'm good on that until I get an electric bill anyway ;) LOL Will wait until it roots into the Jiffy Pot well and then let it dry and cut off the mesh and plant into a small pot, and then up pot it at least one but probably two more times after that. Or that is the current plan anyway.
Let plug dry out a bit and potted on the 28th to a small pot (cut off the net on the plug and carefully removed as root out of bottom of plug). Current pic, round leaf on one side got buggered up with seed husk so time will tell if it going to pull thru, but it doesn't look worse so far anyway ;)


Guess I only got one pic, first one was blurry (still a lot of operator error with my camera).
Hey bud, I'm peeking in your grow. I sense good tidings for you in the next months!

I've been thinking of getting seeds from the King and I'm excited to see how it goes.

I've been thinking of getting seeds from the King and I'm excited to see how it goes.


Not sure you want to base buying off of me trying to grow one seed, considering my first time growing was in July ;).....well unless it ends up kick backside, then we will know an idiot can grow it :rofl:
Freed up my small cabinet I was sexing a plant in, so moved it into it's own cabinet so I can play with light height as it is struggling currently. Pics with lights on as looks like my heat bulb burnt out already and it dropped below 50 in my box last night grrrr, so didn't mess with turning off light when I took pics today.


See if I can get it to look like it is growing again lol
:cheer: grow baby grow :cheer:

Not looking good so far lol tried to get a pic yesterday but camera wasn't having a picture in focus of it for some reason......time will tell, but may have to change way I germinate or it just too cool in shed for newer plants as they are more picky.
I have pic problems too, takes on your patience. One day camera is ok and you can hook it up with pc, next day it gives errors..

How are the babies doing?
I have pic problems too, takes on your patience. One day camera is ok and you can hook it up with pc, next day it gives errors..

How are the babies doing?

I just did one seed as I have a Mother and two Clones and a Teenager from bagseed (so not much room with four plants at various stages besides the little one), but this one is struggling to say the least. Not quite ready to pull the plug yet, but it is close lol what leaves it has are all scrunched up and it isn't really doing much for growth. Had a low temp problem that took me a few days to remedy and seedlings less forgiving, that or some other sort of issues. Trying to recall first germinating experience and how I did it as I had 2 out of 3 live, think I started them indoors until they were a week old from popping out of my plug before I transplanted and moved to my grow boxes. That or I need to go to their recommended paper towel germinating, but I'm clumsy and worried about screwing up tap root trying to put it into soil once it gets a tap root going. That or I just need to stick with Clones and not mess with this seed nonsense ;) :rofl:
I think this one may be a fail, wrong time of year and a few other variables, as got too cold out in my shed and little ones not as forgiving to lower temps. As even with a small heater I"m still in the 50F to 60F range. It has been doing nothing besides looking sick/sad, as not much growth and fugly looking now compared to the pics on Halloween:


Had cabinet space issues coming up anyway so maybe for the best, so put the one Clone with Mother on other thread into small box as Mom filling that footprint now pretty good. Brought this sick little one inside the house, just see if it gets any better out of curiosity and/or experimenting.
She needs some warmer place to stay. Hope she will perk up:cheer:

Time will tell lol I"m not expecting it to live, good experiment, if it works under reading lamp I may have to do all my seeds inside and then move them outside once they are bigger.
A week indoors and it's looking better (not sure if it will make it, kind of an experiment still ;) ). Trimmed off the bottom two fugliest leaves, appears to be growing and trying to make new growth, time will tell lol.

Prior to coming indoors (last page post):

Today's pics:


Looks like I should have brought it indoors a long time ago, think I will start all seeds indoors as more controlled environment (out in shed due to wife not liking smell, but seedlings don't have that issue). Considering the seed popped a month ago, she is way behind but a good learning experience and seeing if "we can rebuild her" (older folks might catch the Six Million Dollar Man/Woman reference ;) :rofl: )


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