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Purple Kush Pictures


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Alright, so this is what I'm smoking on for 4/20. My dealer tells me its Purple Kush. So here's the story about the purchase of this marijuana. I call the dealer up, i ask him how much for an 1/8th? He says "$100". Immediately, I say nah, thats too expensive dude. So then he goes ok ok, I'll give you a better price, $80. $80 sounds more like it so I purchase it and here it is.

Very good smell to the buds, and even more amazing taste, like fruit candy.




Looks straight tastey. Ide smoke it if that means anything. Is it the kinda weed that u smoke and dont move again for about 4 hours?


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oh man my early smoking years were jam packed full of legit purple kush that looked just like that to the point where thats what we smoked most of the time, and now i havent seen it in literally years now... seriously enjoy it while you got it haha i reeeeally miss that strain


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my bad i should've said you're giving him 30 bucks for free since 8ths normally go for 50 bucks and 100 for a quarter. Purple kush is fiya but definitely not worth 80 an 8th

dude not everyones from the bay area where weed is cheap. everyone knows weed prices change with location


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I would probally never pay 80 for an eighter. It looks good though.


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dude, the question is, was it worth it? by the looks of that bud I would say hell yeah


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I'd rather pay 80 for that smoke than pay zero for no smoke .:smoke2:


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I pay no more than 50 an 8th for fantastic bud around here.. 80 is a bit steep imo but that looks like some very nice bud. enjoy that man :allgood:


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damn.. that is soo much money for a tator..could have gotten an ounce from me for that price! lol Hopefully she smokes well..well obviously she will.. enjoy. I'm pretty sure regular kush is just goin for 50 around here too.. whew..
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